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A pounding pain in my head. That's all I feel. I think my eyes are open but I can't tell due to the pitch blackness surrounding me everywhere I look. Dead silence. Not even water dripping which I would expect due to the uneven cold, damp floor of what feels like a cave. So that's how I notice the footsteps so quickly.
Coming from behind me, I try to turn to look but notice I'm tied to a support beam of some sort. The rope had already made my wrists sore and burnt. I don't know how. I had only been here for..... wait. How long have I been here. I struggle to remember what happened. I was on a hunting with Arthur. And... that's right! We were attacked. By bandits of some sort. And then.... oh. Then I used my magic, like an idiot, assuming Arthur was unconscious. Then I ran. And then, the bandits took me? But I do- Light. My thoughts are cut of by a dim light flooding into the room, which due to the perfect darkness, is almost blinding.
I hadn't noticed the footsteps had stopped but here I look right into the face a boy, my age or perhaps a bit older. His eyes looking as if they hold millions of years worth of knowledge. Again I think a warlock but I sense no magic from him. The next thing I see is a booted foot about to connect with my face. To quick for me to stop it. Blood and pain explode from my nose.
I hold back a scream and instead mutter, "That wasn't very nice.."
"I thought you were a big scary sorcerer?" The man questions. I can hear the smug smirk in his voice.
"Me? No way. Who told you that?" I say very sarcastically. Unlike Arthur the man picked it up instantly and replied with a kick to my guy, earning a grunt from me.
"Not very scary to me. None of my men are even hurt. Let alone dead. So what's the problem? Why are you so special?" The man says, pulling out a small, silver dagger. "Well let's see it. Go ahead. Cast a spell. Or am I gonna have to make you?" The man says placing the blade on my chest. I say nothing, not sure of what to do and he presses the blade harder, cutting me. He drags the blade across my chest and I try, and fail, to hold back my yells. I look him straight in the face and he goes flying backwards. This took a lot more effort than usual. The man looks up from his spot a few feet away.
"Impossible! This cave is protected from magic. You shouldn't be able to do anything. I didn't even hear you cast a spell!" The man yells angrily. I concentrate on the ropes binding my wrists and I feel them start to loosen with tremendous effort.
"Who are you?" I ask calmly, trying to keep his attention away from the ropes.
"I should be asking you the same thing.." The man says cautiously, as of one wrong word would send him flying again.
"You first.." I say with confidence, as if I'm the one with the upper hand. The man must believe it because he replies.
"I'm Owain, I live in one of the outlying towns of Camelot." He says, almost confused as if I'm supposed to know this already.
"What are your purposes for capturing the King?" I say in a bitter tone. My shirt is soaked with blood and my head is getting dizzy from the blood loss. My words are almost slurred due to the amounts of blood still pouring from my nose.
"We haven't been receiving any food for weeks. We assumed he had cut our food. People are starving. I just want to feed my little boy.." He says. He's good at lying but I can still hear it in his voice.
"Cute story. Now what's the real reason?" I say. Gaining confidence. My wrists are almost out.
His innocent face drops. "Why Merlin, the plan wasn't to capture Arthur. It was to capture you. For Lady Morgana of course." He smirks at my startled expression.
"Morgana? What would she want to do with me?!" I say, my wrists forgotten. A terrifyingly familiar voice rings throughout the cave.
"Why to lure in Arthur himself Merlin... Who would've guessed you a sorcerer?" The man across from me smirks and stands up. I once again see his foot kick me in the head and the last thing I see is Morgana's beautifully evil face smirking at me before i once again, pass out.

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