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I sit up in bed sweating. I had dreamed of the night Morgana took me. It wasn't scary. And I wasn't scared. Just... confused. It was different. She had a different look to her eyes...

Whatever. I sigh and stand up. Knowing I won't be able to fall asleep again, I get dressed and trot downstairs. Careful to not wake Gaius. I grab my boots and slip out the door. I pull my boots on and walk around the castle.

I walk past Morgana's door and pause. I hear footsteps and... crying? Before I can think about it and chicken out, I knock on her door.

After a little bit of shuffling, the door creaks open and I see her through a crack.

"Hey Merlin..." A sniffle. "What are you doing awake..?" Another sniffle.

"Hey. Are you okay? I couldn't sleep..." I squint my eyes trying to get a better look at her.

"Yeah... bad dream..." She mumbles.

I instantly think of the dream that had just woken me....

"Huh. Do you need medicine from Gaius?" I ask sorta suspicious.

"No, no. I don't think this dream will happen. It had me In it and.... no I'm okay." Her voice cracks slightly and I decide not to push it.

"Alright well. I'll see you soon. Try to get some sleep." I mumble tiredly.

She narrows her eyes at me.

"You too." She mumbles back and closes the door. I sigh and turn to stalk off.



"Rise and shine." I hear Merlin shout happily and I hear the curtains being pulled open.

I see the flood of light behind my eyelids and I groan, pulling the pillow over my head.

"I don't wanna." I mumble. Merlin sighs.

"I already have breakfast ready. I mean, if you really don't want it.... I could defiantly have a sausage or two...." I can hear the smirk in his words.

I groan and sit up. Throwing my pillow in his general direction. I miss pathetically and he laughs. I glare.

"Do I even need to wake up this early? It's not like anythings planned." I stand up and yawn while stretching. Making my way to the smell of food, i plop in my chair and start cutting my food.

Merlin stands back in the corner, dressed in his usual attire. Even though he doesn't try, he looks perfect everyday...

I catch my self staring and snap myself out of the Merlin trance, paying more attention to my food. I see Merlin raise an eyebrow and smirk slightly but I huff and ignore it.

"I had a dream last night. I'm worried Morgana's had the same one." Lin blurts. He's never this straightforward. I snap my attention to him.

"And this dream was about....?" I ask cautiously.

"The day Morgana had me in that hut. I woke up and wandered around the castle a bit because I couldn't fall back asleep. Morgana was awake too and explained that she had a bad dream. She said she was in it...." He mumbles.

I look at the ceiling, thinking.

"What if she remembers Arthur? What if she remembers and she doesn't tell us. She could kill you in your sleep."

"She could kill you too Merlin." I snap. "You are her greatest enemy after all." I don't try to be mean but he doesn't know how important he is.

He clamps a hand over my mouth.

"And if you want me to continue living, I suggest not shouting my biggest secret to any one who cares to be listening!" He whisper hisses at me.

I roll my eyes and peel his hand off.

"Because all of Camelot is standing around my room, right?" I laugh.

"You're too paranoid Merlin... you don't even have to hide your magic anymore." I say, calmly.

He leans in and whispers angrily in my ear.

"From Morgana I do." He enunciates every word slowly and clearly.

I roll my eyes again and continue eating my food.



I walk the halls of the castle. Slowly and careful, paranoid of every noise. I walk past Arthur's chambers and pause.

"You don't even have to hide your magic anymore." I hear Arthur state. I don't hear another person reply and that leaves me wondering who he's speaking with....

Who else has magic...? Is he with a girl..?

Not hearing anything else, I turn to leave. I'm almost around the corner when I hear his door open. I look back, and see someone turning the other corner.

Was that..... Merlin...?

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