Chapter 16

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Landon POV.

We've worked our buts off for the past week. I would have never thought of a fake mate concept if it wasn't for Issa. I don't know if it will work or not but there isn't nothing that says we can't try. So I called the elders and set up a hearing.

Daniel is an idiot. We haven't let him take over Issa keeps him from it every time. He has no authority what so ever to gain anyone's attention and when he tries she comes up with something quick on her feet to divert attention from him. She usually pisses him off. It's usually comical too. He was upset because she didn't get mad at me like he thought.

For some reason he kept trying to convince me that I lied to her and I was going to lose her. I knew she was going to be upset because I kept it from her but she surprised both of us. Me because she didn't get mad at me for keeping it from her and him because she didn't get mad at me for lying to her.

We haven't told anyone about what's going on just yet except Jo and Vance since they are mates and Issa friends. Yeah we found out that piece of information not to long ago. Issa was upset because they kept it from her. She did understand why they kept it from her. They said it was because they didn't know how she'd take it because they are both her friends and because Issa doesn't or didn't believe in the mate anymore.

I keep learning more about her everyday. Like she doesn't like to be kept in the dark about things and she really doesn't like being lied too. Who does though right? She also quit believing in love because of what Daniel did to her but she promised me she was trying. I laughed and told her to take her time. I wanted her to make sure about us. I'm finally taken her out tonight while the rest keep an eye on Daniel. Tomorrow we plan on telling them because tomorrow is the hearing.

"I'm ready." she announces coming down the stairs where I stopped breathing. She stunning. She's wearing a blood red fitted dress showing off her gorgeous legs. A black silk shaw wrapped around her shoulders and red low heels. She finally agreed to a date so I'm making it a good one because it might be my last one.

"Wow." I say breathlessly coming out of my shock.

"I clean up nice huh?" she ask me. I nod in agreement.

"Your beautiful." I tell her honestly.

"If your lucky you might get to see what I'm wearing underneath." she teases grabbing my tie. I close my eyes groaning. She's good at teasing me. Real good. I've taken more cold showers than I have ever before in my life. I open my eyes just to see her smiling up at me.

"Don't tease tonight. You look to good for your own good." I tell her grabbing her waist.

"What are you going to do about it?" she ask sticking her fingers in the top of my dress pants pulling me closer. Oh god she's going to kill me. I don't think she realizes what she does to me. I clear my throat.

"Leave because if we don't I'm taking you straight upstairs and have my dirty way with you." I tell her. She stands on her tippy toes.

"Hmm I guess we better go then." she says nibbling my chin. "So we can get back. "she says pulling away from me. She turns and walks away. "You can have your dirty way with me." she finishes giving her hips a little extra sway. I groan.

"Tease." I grunt following her. She laughs.

"Oh look a penny." she chirps bending down picking up an imaginary penny. Oh she's good. I wrap my arm around her waist as she comes up pulling her back to me roughly.

"Behave!" I growl in her ear. She laughs pulling away from me.

"What's wrong Landon?" she ask innocently walking to the car. I growl catching up to her. I open the door for her glaring at her.

"Get in." I huff. She smiles getting in. I shake my head at her. Oh this girl is going to be the death of me but I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm just glad she can keep her hormones in check. I can handle her teasing. It's the smell of her arousal that drives me nuts. Like the day in the classroom. That smell was driving me insane. I wanted to take her right there and then and I didn't care who was watching us. I wanted to mark her as mine wether she liked it or not. And I knew that would be the worst possible way to make her mine.

It didn't effect Vance because she's not his mate. Weird I know but only mates can smell his mates arousal. That's probably a good thing to for so many reasons.

I get us to the restaurant with us talking and joking. We go inside and they seat us.

"Wow Landon this is nice." she says. I found the most expensive restaurant around.

"Only the best for you." I tell her honestly.

"You don't have to do this." she tells me.

"I want to Issa. You deserve only the best." I tell her. She shakes her head no.

"McDonald's would have worked." she says. I cock an eyebrow.

"You that cheap?" I ask jokingly.

"You know it." she says winking at me. "A quarter pounder with cheese could of had me on bed a long time ago." she says.

"Well in that case." I say acting like I'm getting up.

"Sit your ass down. Since we are already here." she says shrugging. I laugh a little as the waiter comes setting a bottle of wine down. I set this up earlier so they know how I want the night to go.

We order and talk about ourselves like a first date should go. Finally. Sure we talked to each other about our likes and dislikes but not things like life, ambitions, things other people don't know. Stuff like that. The food comes and we keep talking. I learned so much about her. And I loved every minute of it. I loved listening to her talk about this stuff. She's so different than other girls I've meet.

When desert shows up which I ordered before hand knowing her favorite desert is cherry cheese cake. I watch as she talks fixing to put her fork in it when she freezes. I smirk knowing she's about to panic. She looks up me then back at her desert then back at me with panic in her eyes.

"It''" she stutters. I reach over taking it off the top of the desert. I clean it holding it in both hand between two fingers out to her.

"I know that's why it's not an engagement ring." I tell her.


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