Chapter 15

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We did too. After dinner we drank and celebrated mom. We welcomed her home so many times that night people went stumbling home. It was great though more people told more stories. Not just of her but dad too. I loved hearing each and everyone. Some we cried but mostly we laughed.

It's been two months since then. It's been great around here but Landon and Damien have been tense about something. I believe it has something to do with Daniel. One Landon or Damien will not leave me alone with him and if he catches me alone. He starts this I'll get you back and we will be together bullshit. I laugh every time. Then theres also the glares that all three of them give each other. Comical but infuriating at the same time. Then there then two working constantly. I know ones alpha and ones beta but here lately they've been working none stop. Since I've taken up resident in Landon's room. No nothing has happen. We just sleep.

Anyway he is up at the crack of dawn gets ready for school, leaves goes to the office for a little bit, comes down, eats, leaves for school, comes home spends all day in there and doesn't come out until the middle of the night. He shouldn't work that much. I want to spend time with him but I also don't want to bug him.

"Tell her Landon." someone hiss at him in the living room. That sounds like Daniel. I stand there listening. "Tell her you've been lying to her or I will. What I've done won't compare to what you've done." he says. That's my cue. I step into the living room. What could he be lying to me about?

"You've been lying to me?!" I ask in shock.

"Yeah tell her how you've been lying to her." Daniel snickers. I stare at Landon waiting.

"Not like that Issa." he says. I shake my head.

"Just tell me Landon!" I hiss at him.

"Yeah tell her. She'll hate you more than she loves me." Daniel sneers.

"I don't love you idiot!" I hiss at Daniel.

"I didn't really lie to you. I just kept something from you." he says. I nod telling him to go on. "The day your mother died dumbass here came up to me telling me he wants the pack." he says. I chuckle.

"He can't have it." I state.

"He can Issa. Werewolf law states that if the heir is a girl it goes to her mate. Daniel in this case." he says. I was afraid of this. I wonder who told him because he isn't smart enough to look it up.

"But he isn't my mate. You are." I say. He smiles at that.

"Right but technically you found each other first." he says sadly. Okay where's the lie.

"What's the lie?" I ask. Landon shrugs.

"I didn't lie to you. I just kept something from you." he says. I nod an okay. I walk up to him wrapping my arms around his waist. I look up at him.

"Don't ever keep anything from me." I tell him.

"I'm sorry with your mom I just didn't want to worry you." he tells me. I nod an okay. I get it. I let go of him turning to Daniel.

"That's why you were suddenly wanting me back? Well guess what dumbass your not getting this pack. It will be a cold day in hell before I let you get your grubby hands on it." I hiss at him.

"I'll get it Alissa. You have no say so. Technically it's mine. So as of tomorrow I'm your new alpha." he snickers.

"Unless Alissa mates with Landon." Damien says coming into the living room. I look up at Landon.

"No." he says shaking his head. "Your not ready for that. I won't let you do that just to keep the pack." he tells me.

"Then it looks like its mine." Daniel says.

"Over my dead body you son of a bitch!" Landon growls at him.

"Mine too." I hiss at him.

"That can be arranged." he laughs. This can't be happening. Think, think Alissa. Think.

I dig in Landon's pocket grabbing his keys. He always keeps his keys in his right front pocket.

"I'll be back I need to go think. I'm not letting this happen." I tell Landon. He nods.

"Alright be careful." he says kissing my forehead. I nod an okay turning on my heels. I glare at Daniel as I walk out of the living room.

"We won't let him take it Alissa." Damien says.

"No we won't." I tell him. He nods smiling. I walk out the front door getting into Landon's car. I've driven it a couple of times. Hehe. He doesn't mind.

I didn't know where I was going until I got there. I got out of the car and walked up to their graves. I sighed heavily sitting down in between them.

"Hi mom dad." I start. I sigh again. "I have a problem well we all have a problem and I need your help. Daniel is wanting the pack. I guess someone told him it was rightfully his but if he gets his hands on it imagine what he'd do to it." I say exhausted. "I just don't know what to do." I finish sighing again. Daniel doesn't care about anyone but himself. I sit there thinking. I really can't do anything about this either.

That's when I hear something weird. I look around but see nothing.

I keep hearing it over and over but see nothing. Just hearing. I sit there forever thinking and hearing it over and over. Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. I jump up.

"Thanks mom and dad. I love both of you do much." I chuckle. I run to the car jump in and take off. I rush home running straight up stairs.

"Woah where's the fire." Vance says as I run past him. I didn't answer just kept running till I reached Landon's office. I rush in throwing the door open making them jump.

"Hearing!" I blurt out slamming the door shut.

"We don't have a case." Damien says.

"Sure we do." I chirp. He cocks an eyebrow. "Fake mate." I say rolling my eyes.

"Explain." he says. I nod sitting down.

"I was young. I never got the sparks, the attraction, the instant feelings I was suppose too. The sparks I did feel could have been just static electricity that he did on purpose because he wanted me to believe I was his mate." I tell them happily.

"Your a genius." Landon chuckle.

"And that's why you love me." I chirp. He nods smiling like an idiot.

"That I do." he agrees.

"Oh gross." Damien groans. "Let me leave before you two get mushy." he says getting up to leave.

"Can't we got research." I chirp. He groans sitting back down.

We did too.

Damien, Landon and I pulled out every book on werewolf law. We read for hours marking anything and everything that pertained to this situation.

Finally Landon made us go to bed since we had school the next day. Lucky ass Damien. Landon picks me up carrying bridle style up to his room where I fall into a peaceful sleep.


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