Chaptèr 12

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Landon's POV.

"She killed herself." he rushes out panicked and grief stricken.

"Shit! Issa is on her way home don't you dare let her anywhere near her!" I order running to grab my things. I run out the door hanging up. I run to my car with Max yelling at me but I ignore him jumping in my car. Oh god this is going to kill Issa.

I fly home breaking every law I have too. When I get there Issa is fighting against Damien to get inside the house. I jump out of my car.

"Let go of me Damien!" she orders. "Pleased just tell me she's okay?" she says. She knows. She's not stupid. I run up to them grabbing her arm making her look at me. "Landon he won't let me in to see my mom!" she cries tears running down her face. "Please tell me she didn't?" she ask. Yeah she knows you can tell by the look in her q She knew. She just needed confirmation. "Landon please." she begs.

"I'm so sorry baby." is all I could think of to say.

"No." she cries balling her hands up on my shirt. She buries her face in my chest and just cries. This is going to kill her. "Please tell me your lying." she begs sobbing.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I say hugging her tighter.

"Alissa." Damien says quietly. I glare at him. He lifts up a piece of paper. I nod moving my hand away do he can give it to me. Which he does. I unfold it and start reading.

'My dear darling baby girl. I'm sorry but it's time. I miss him so much and I can't be without him another day. I stayed for you baby but now you have someone who loves you just as your father loved me. Don't pass up the chance baby. Grab him and never let go. I'll miss you baby and I love you more than anything. Be happy for once in your life. Don't cry for me. Be happy I'm going home. Take care angel we will be looking out for you and Landon. Love mom'. It reads. Yes I cried reading that.

Maggie was a great person. I'm going to miss her like crazy. She was always like a second mom. I just let Issa cry for a little bit before I disturb her.

"Issa she left you a note." I whisper to her. She pulls back looking up at me. I hand it to her to let her read it. She reads it's crying all the way thru it. When she's done she stands on her tippy toes putting her arms around my neck. I lift her up making her wrap her legs around my waist. She buried her head in my neck and just cries.

"Where is she?" I mouth to Damien.

"Bedroom." he mouths back.

"How?" I mouth.

"Pills." he mouths. I nod an okay. "They are removing her now." he mouths nodding towards the ambulance. I nod again. I didn't want her to see this so I took her to the backyard sitting on the porch swing just letting her cry.

I rubbed her back telling her she's going to be okay know full well she wasn't. This is going to be a huge set back for her. We sat there for hours as she cried. Finally her crying subsided and her breathing became shallow and deep letting me know she was asleep.

I got up taking her inside. I reached the stairs beside the living room. I peered in to see half the pack sitting or standing around in tears. Some cried harder when we passed seeing Issa. It's going to be hard for this pack too. They all loved her. She was like a second mom to most of the teenagers. If someone needed to talk. She was always there to listen. To the older ones she was there best friend. She's going to be missed by all.

I take her to my room laying her in bed. I take off her shoes then tucking her into bed. I sigh leaning over kissing her forehead. I leave the room going to the office for a few minutes. I didn't want to leave Issa for very long. I walk in and see Damien with his head in his hands leaning over the desk crying.

"She didn't bring my lunch." he blurts out. I nod sitting in the chair across from him. I know what he is talking about. Everyday if we weren't down for lunch she would bring it to us. If we wanted to eat or not. "I was so busy with this shit I didn't even think about going down to eat. When she didn't come up I went to make sure she was okay. I looked everywhere but she was nowhere until I went to her room. She looked like she was sleeping until I saw the four pill bottles next to her bed. Maybe if I went down for lunch I could have saved her." he tells me.

"Stop Damien, don't do that. If you would have saved her she would have found another way. She wanted to be with her mate. There was no stopping her." I tell him.

"I know but.." he starts.

"No buts Damien she's with her mate now. She's happy again." I tell him. He nods sigh finally looking up at me.

"How is Lissa taking it?" he ask me.

"Hard." I answer. He nods again.

"I'll start making the arrangements." he says. I shake my head no.

"No I'll make them. You help out the pack and help me take care of them. It won't be the same around here for a while and I'll make the arrangements and take care of Alissa." I tell him. He nods. "Let me know if anyone needs anything and keep me informed." I tell him standing up. He nods again.

I leave going downstairs running into to Daniel. He smirks at me.

"I want the pack." he says getting to the point. He what? Has this boy lost his mind?

"I don't know what to tell you." I tell him.

"I have every right to this pack considering it should be mine in the first place. Since I'm her mate after all." he tells me. I shake my head no.

"No I am. Your not getting this pack. I won't let you destroy what her parents built up because your selfish!" I growl at him. He smirks.

"I'll get this pack. I'll take Alissa if I have too. It won't be hard considering she still loves me." he snickers walking away.

"YOU BASTARD!" I roar. I hear him laughing. That asshole.

I stood there for a minute until I came out of my shock. I ran upstairs to the office.

"He is going after the pack." I rush out.

"Who?" Damien ask me.

"Daniel." I answer.

"How? He has no rights to it anymore." he tells me. I nod.

"He does. They found each other first. He is still considered her mate. Rejected or not. And he is going to go after Alissa to get it." I tell him. I can't let this happen. I'll die before he gets this pack. Or her. He doesn't care about her or this pack. He just wants it for the title and money it brings with it. I won't let it happen. I might not know much about Alissa but I know she loves this pack and wants it kept safe.

I will do anything to make sure that happens.


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