Chapter 19

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Landon's POV.

"No it's not." elder Marc says.

"It is in the human world." Daniel snickers.

"She's eighteen." elder Travis says.

"Yes but he is her teacher." Daniel gloats trumpithly. They all three freeze. Hell we all do. He is going after my job now. Not just my job but my life. I could go to human prison for the rest of my life.

'he wouldn't' Issa hisses at me thru our new mind link. She wasn't connected with me before because even though I'm her well was her alpha she never accepted it. So she wasn't tecnically apart of this pack. Now that we are fully mated and she accepted me as her alpha we are connected and so are her and the pack.

'I'm afraid he is' I answer back.

"You can't do that!" she yells at him fuming mad.

"I can." he snickers.

'calm down baby' I soothe taking her hand. She sits down huffing. Elder Marc sighs heavily glaring at Daniel.

"Daniel if as alpha I have your word that it won't be exposed then the pack is yours." he says.

I know and I understand why he is doing it. Me being in human prison will expose us. We don't like being caged up. And if I am. I'll go nuts shifting back and fourth exposing us.

"You have my word." he gloats. Issa smirks. Plan B and the elders can't do shit about it. The nod standing up.

"I'm sorry it couldn't go your way." elder Travis says.

"No it's fine. We understand." she says. He nods taken his leave following everyone else.

"If our pack could stay." I say making them stop.

"Landon you can't do this now." Damien hisses at me low enough to where only we can hear.

"Damien do you think he'll stop? Do you honesty think he will keep his mouth shut?" Issa ask him but only to meet with silence because she's right. "I don't know about you but I'm not staying in this pack." she tells him. He nods in agreement as do I. I turn my attention back to my pack. Yes it still will be mine. Ours.

"Well you heard them." I say bitterly. "Daniel here is your new alpha." I sneer. No one says anything much less applude

"No hold your appluses." Issa snickers while Daniel glares at her.

"With that being said. Alissa and I are leaving." I snicker.

"You can't do that. We are still a pack!" Dave protest. I nod in agreement.

"Your right. That's why if there is anyone that would like to join us may do so." I tell them. Everybody raises their hands but a handful and that's their friends. I nod again.

"Go pack." Issa chirps.

"You can't do that!" Daniel protest.

"I'm not doing anything." she says innocently. "It's their choice not ours. See Daniel if you were a true alpha you'd know you can make them do anything they don't want." she says standing up.

"That's okay Alissa I'll get it all back with all the money I have now I'll be able to buy pack members." he snickers.

"What money?" she ask him.

"The money your father left you." he snickers.

"That's it isn't it. You didn't want this pack. You wanted the money?" she ask rhetorically then laughs. "Oh I hate to bust your bubble Daniel but just because you got the house doesn't mean you'll get the money." she snickers.

"Oh but I will by werewolf law I get what your father left you." he snickers. He is right by werewolf law he does. It's meant for the pack that's why everything is handed down from alpha to alpha. That's why he gets the house but there's also a problem with his statement. If he left it to her.

"Oh Daniel, Daniel, Daniel." she tisk shaking her head. "Your right but see there's a problem with that." she says.

"What!" he growls at her.

"He didn't leave it to me. He left it all to Landon. Every single bit of it. Money, company. Everything." she laughs. "Toddles loser." she snickers walking away.

"You'll regret this Alissa!" he snarls at her.

"Watch it mutt!" I growl. "You don't want to mess with a pissed off alpha when your going after his mate!" I finish. He steps back with fear in his eyes. Yeah he knows. Smart boy. He isn't a true alpha that's for sure.

I take my leave following Issa. I grab her waist picking her up making her laugh.

"Your mine!" I growl in her ear. She laughs. I love her laugh.

"We got packing to do." she tells me.

"I'll make it quick." I tell her.

"Landon." she says appalled as I carry her up to our room. "Is that all I am to you now is a wam bam thank you ma'am." she says with fake hurt. I roll my eyes. There's no way it would be quick or thats she's that to me.

"I just said that to get you into bed besides I said I'd make it quick not unforgettable." I tell her as we reach the room. I throw her on the bed making her giggle.

"Yeah show me how memorable it'll be." she says wrapping her legs around my waist pulling me to her.

I did too. I made love to her again making it memorable for both of us as I did last night. It was slow and passionate. I kissed every bit of her body gently. I caressed her body with my hands causing her to wither and moan my name.

"Wow." she pants laying her head on my chest.

"Mmhmm." I agree trying to her my breath back running my fingers down her back. Wow was an understatement. It was literally indescribable. I love this woman with everything I have. There's no way that I'd make making love to her anything but memorable.

Last night is diffinately one night neither of us will forget. I still can't believe she was a virgin. The way she talks and flirts you'd never would have known it. Hell she talks like she's experienced it more than once. I'm glad though. It's me she lost it too and only me she'll ever have sex with. I got that. I got the I love you and it's my mark on her shoulder that she'll carry around with her for the rest of her life. No one else's and I couldn't be more happy and please about it.

"I love you Issa." I say kissing her on the head.

"Mmm I love you too." she says kissing my chest. I lift her chin up.

"Say it again." I whisper against her lips.

"I love you." she says kissing me.

"Mmmm I love hearing you say that." I say kissing her.

"I actually like saying it." she says moving to lay on top of me. "I love you, I love you, I love you." she chants kissing me all over my face. I chuckle. God I love this women. She's everything I could ask for. I'm so glad she gave this a chance and I'm glad we took it slow. I got her to fall in love with me. It makes it so much more special to me.

"I love you too." I say crashing her lips to mine kissing her passionately.


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