Her True Soulmate

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My life has pretty much sucked the last two years. Why you ask? Well let's start with a little flashback.

It was Daniel's sixteenth birthday and I was excited for him. He got to find out who his mate is. I won't find out unless the boy is already sixteen or until I turn sixteen. See we find out mates when we turn sixteen.

Anyway I got out of bed, got dressed for school, ate breakfast, then left with Daniel birthday present in hand. Daniel and I have been best friends for the last two years. He is great, sweet, kind, carefree, popular, gorgeous and well I'm the school nerd but he doesn't treat me any different and doesn't let his friends either.

When I got to school I looked for him and found him with his girlfriend of two weeks. So I literally ran up to him and jumped on his back.

"Happy birthday Danny." I chirp kissing his cheek and freeze. Holy crap! Daniel is my mate. When we turn sixteen whoever it maybe we feel a shock when we touch and I just felt them. Daniel turns his head smiling.

"It's you." he whispers. I gulp nodding. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Of course I thought it was a good thing but I didn't know how Daniel felt. He starts to walk off with me still on his back.

"Where you going?" I ask timidly. I wasn't sure what was going to happen.

"Class Alissa bell is fixing to ring." he tells me.

"Oh." was my brilliant response. I needed to know. "Umm you okay with us being mates?" I whisper. He chuckles.

"Of course I couldn't ask for a better mate than you." he tells me. I sigh in relief.

"Good." I whisper. "Oh I got you a gift." I tell him.

"You know you didn't have to get me anything? Besides I got the best gift I could ask for holding on to me right now like a monkey." he says making me giggle. I didn't respond I just laid my head on his shoulder while he took me to class.

Fast forward two months.

Everything had been going great. He dumped his girlfriend but she understood. She's a werewolf too and knows about mates. He was the sweetest, kindest, loving mate anyone could ask for. I loved him so much. Just never told him. So I decided with it being my sixteenth birthday I was going to let him fully mate me. And since my birthday was on a school night my parents were throwing my birthday this Saturday. It's Thursday now. So I got dressed in a little cute outfit and made my way to Daniels house. I knew his parents were going to be out because they were going to go out with my parents for the night. When I got there they were still at home.

"Hey Lissa." Mrs. Jones says happily hugging me.

"Hey Mrs. Jones." I greet her then kiss her on the cheek hugging her back.

"In his room sweet pea." she says pulling away from me.

"Thank you." I say heading up the stairs. I go to his room and just walk in and froze. They didn't even hear me come in and kept going.

I didn't know what to do. I just stood there in shocking watching as they moaned and groaned.

"How long?" was the only thing I could think of after I got over my shock. Their heads fly towards me. He stares at me in shock while she smirks at me.

"Lissa?" he says coming out of his shock.

"How long?!" I yell yeah.

"Lissa let me explain." he says pushing her away from him. I give a humorous laugh turning on my heels. My heart broke with each step. I just wanted out of there. I couldn't look at him anymore. So I ran. I ran down the stairs with him yelling at me to come back but I just kept running in tears. I ran right into Mr. Jones.

"Lissa honey what's wrong?" he ask voice laced with concern but I couldn't talk. I just look up at him thru watery eyes and pointed to the stairs. He looks up and I guess sees Daniel. "What did you do to her?!" he yells. Daniel says nothing. Then Mr. Jones starts cussing. "How could you?!" he yells at him. "Oh Lissa I'm so sorry." he says. I didn't want his appolgies. I wanted out of here. So I pushed away from him and started running towards the door.

"Alissa!" Daniel yells but I kept running toward and right out the door. All the way home in tears.

I ran into the house and right into my momma's arms and cried. She asked what was wrong but I couldn't tell her I could only cry. So she walked us over to the couch putting me on my daddies lap and I just cried while she sat there with us rubbing my back cooing telling me everything was going to be okay. I eventually fell asleep in my dads lap.

I couldn't believe it. My mate cheated on me with the same girl he supposedly broke up with two months ago. I was heart broken and devastated.

The next day at school wasn't better. My parents found out what happen that night because Mr and Mrs. Jones came over to make sure I was alright and told them everything. But they made me go to school the next day anyway. They understood that I was heartbroken and miserable but I still needed to go to school.

So I reluctantly agreed. I got up dressed and left. I didn't see Daniel until lunch. I stayed away from him. I hide in the back of the class keeping my head down. I didn't want to see him even though I had classes with him. So I just kept my head down. When lunch came I went to my locker at that's when he decided to show his gorgeous face.

I got pushed into the locker face first. I turned around and there he was with a sneer on his face.

"You stupid bitch." he hissed at me. "You got me grounded from my girlfriend!" he growled at me. His...his girlfriend. But aren't I his girlfriend? "Did you really think I was your boyfriend?" he ask snickering at me. "Oh sweet, but no. Why would I want a piece of trash like you as my mate?" he ask me. "Face it Alissa your nothing but a pathetic excuse of a wolf." he sneers at me. "I reject you. I should have done it when I first found out you were my mate but we needed a good laugh." he snickers. "Plus I could use the money. See we made a bet. I win a thousand bucks if I got you say I love you to me in three months." he says. My heart broken again. Everything he was saying broken it over and over again.

"Well you lost because I hate you." I say.

"Feeling is mutual you pathetic bitch. It's okay though I have the girl of my dreams." he says pulling that whore to him. They both smirk as he leans down and kisses her.

That was it.


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