Chapter 7

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I have my fingers down his pants. How they got there is beyond me. Probably when I steadied myself from my head rush.

"Huh well why I'm there." I say lifting up is shirt. "Holy hell!" I exclaim running my finger over his eight pack. Yep not a six but a freaking eight. I take both of my hands lifting up his shirt so I can look at his chest. Wow. Just wow.

"Alissa." I hear mom voice.

"Huh" I answer running my finger over his chest.

"Quit molesting the boy." she says. You know I can just feel her rolling her eyes.

"Have you seen this?" I ask get in amazement. Dear lord. Now this is a freaking sex god. I need chocolate sauce and stat!

"I wish you'd stop." Landon says huskily in a low voice. I look up at him. Uh oh.

He is either mad or turned on and for some reason I don't think he his mad.

"Right so uh what's this about?" I ask pulling my hands away.

"Why you have two mates." mom answers.

"I don't." I protest turning to look at her.

"You do." she says.

"That's impossible." I say pushing Landon back getting up from the desk.

"It's true." mom says.

"No it's not. Look mom if this is about the pack it's safe. I like the way Landon runs things so I'm giving it to him. No need to make shit up." I tell her.

"I'm not making things up. Damien and I have done some research. It's true." she says. I shake my head no.

"No it's not true." I deny. Yes I'm so in denial. I turn to Landon. "What are you up to? A bet? To fully get the pack? Well its yours. What do you want?" I ask just throwing random questions.

"I don't want nothing. Besides you Alissa." he says.

"Bullshit!" I yell at him.

"No Alissa. Please. I don't want anything. It's not a bet I don't want anything just you I swear." he says with pleading eyes.

"Well you can't have me. I'm not some property you guys can throw around." I say turning on my heels. He grabs my arms turning me back to face him.

"It's not like that Alissa. Please. You know what we are saying is true. You can feel it too. Don't you?" he ask. Yes I do but I'm not letting him know that.

"I feel nothing!" I growl at him.

"Bullshit. You feel these sparks. The attraction. You want to jump me as bad as I want to jump you." that's what it is right there.

"In your dreams." I say jerking away from him.

"Alissa you know it's true don't walk away from this." he says cupping my face.

"There's nothing to walking away from." I huff turning around again to walk out but he grabs me again making me face him.

He cups my face with both of his hands and crashes his lips to mine. I lost as he licks my lips asking for entrance. I gave in. I gave him entrance and he kissed me so passionately that my head started to spin, my heart I swear was beating a million miles an hour. He tasted so good. It was so good. I have never been kissed like this before and I honestly liked it. Daniels kisses were nothing like this. I wanted to stay there and just melt into his arms live happily ever after. He breaks the kiss leaving us both breathless. He puts his forehead to mine.

"Don't let him ruin this Alissa." he whispers panting. That's when I came back down to earth. I push him away from me.

"There's nothing to ruin and don't ever touch me again!" I hiss at him turning on my heels leaving the room. I didn't stop when him and mom called me back.

I went straight to my room slamming the door shut. Taking a shower then crawling into bed and going to sleep. Yeah I know way to early.


Landon's POV.

Damn it I almost had her I know I did. She melted into that kiss like butter. That was the best damn kiss of my life.

"Fuck!" I growl sitting back in my chair.

"Man what's going on here?" that guy ask. Oh whats his name. Vance. That's it.

"We believe Landon is Alissa's second chance mate." Maggie says.

"Is this for real?" he ask her. She sighs heavily.

"Yes it is. Take a look for yourself." she says handing him the book. He sits down reading the book while everyone sits in silence.

"Holy shit!" he says in shock. Yeah I didn't believe it either. I never heard of such a thing.

Hell I never known anyone to reject their mate until Maggie told me he did just that. Vance slams the book shut.

"I don't know you and I don't care who you are but if you ever hurt Lissa like that bastard did. I swear to god that I will personally kill you." he threatens. "She deserves to be happy after what he did to her." he says. I nod in agreement. "So with that said. I'm going to tell you where you fucked up at." he finishes. I cock an eyebrow. How would he know? "I've been her best friend for two years. I know everything about her." he answers my unasked question. Right I forgot. So I nod for him to continue. Anything that will help me get her. I'll be more than happy to listen. "Don't ever and I mean ever talk about jumping her as you so nicely put it. If you plan on talking about getting her into bed again. I suggest you think of the most romantic way to say it. Even though she says she doesn't believe in love or mates anymore you can tell that somewhere in there she still does. Don't ever force her to kiss you again let her come to you. And never act cocky about it." he tells me. I nod in understanding. "Lemons." he says. I cock am eyebrow.

"Lemons?" I repeat. He nods.

"Lemons. She loves lemons and will love you forever if you get her some." he chuckles. I shake my head in amusement. She's something else. I sigh leaning back in my chair closing my eyes. "Could uh someone show me to my room. I get the feeling we won't see her for the rest of the night." he says.

"Right this way honey." Maggie says.

"Good luck man. Your going to need it." Vance says. I open my eyes.

"Thanks man." I say.

He was right. We didn't see Alissa for the rest of the day. Which pissed me off. I know she usually avoids me but she doesn't have to lock herself up in her room. She just usually leaves the room when I come in. Yeah I know it's going to be oh so easy getting her. Note the sarcasm. But I know one place she won't be able to avoid me at. Oh shes got such a surprise coming to her. I can't wait either.


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