Chapter 14

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"Are you okay?" he gently ask. Gently. Ha! There's nothing gentle about him.

"Fine." I answer. He nods.

"You know I was thinking." he says putting his hands in his slacks pocket. Looking innocent.

"About?" I ask curiously. This is odd and I want to know what he is getting at.

"Us." he answers. I almost snorted. Us?! There is no us I wanted to scream at him but didn't.

"What about us?" I ask. He pulls his hand out of his pocket cupping my cheek. It's just feels wrong. Way wrong. I lean in to it closing my eyes making sure I'm right.

And I am. It's just all wrong. There's no spark. Nothing. It's just cold like it was two years ago.

"I want there to be an us Alissa." he says.

"What about Victoria?" I whisper opening my eyes. He is up to something. I can just feel it.

"I don't love her. It's always been you. I miss you so much. Alissa please give me a chance." he whispers. I look into his eyes. It says it all right there. Lies. Nothing but lies. I step back.

"No." I say defiantly.

"Why not?" he ask me confused. I smirk at him.

"Whatever your up to drop it. It's not going to work. You know your a creep? I was just to young back then to see it." I say shaking my head.

"You still love me Lissa." he says.

"No Daniel I don't. I didn't then and I don't now either. Drop the act Daniel. I see right thru you. Your sick. How could you think about getting back with me after what you did to me and you have a pregnant mate." I tell him. He shrugs.

"She's not marked baby we could be together. Forever. Just me and you like it should have been." he pleads but eyes conveying a different message. I chuckle.

"No I don't think so. I've moved on and found someone do much better than you could ever be. Leave Daniel. This is over." I tell him.

"He doesn't love you like I do. He is only using you to get the pack. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." he says taking a step up to me. No I get the feeling its him using me for the pack. He doesn't know that the pack already belongs to Landon. I gave that to him weeks ago. Stupid ass.

"Goodbye Daniel." I say walking away.

Does he think I'm that stupid? The nerve of that creep doing this at my mothers funeral. That's low, disgusting. Oh right look who I'm talking about. I look for Landon behind the tree he is standing at.

"Hey ready?" I ask. He nods not saying anything. We walk back to the car in silence. We get in in silence. "Okay whats wrong?" I ask him. The silence was killing me. It wasn't our usual silence. He closing his eyes sighing.

"You're taking him back aren't you?" he ask gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles are turning white. I should have known he saw it.

"What?!" I ask shocked. "Are you freaking kidding me right now? Hell no. He is nothing but a pompous ass who just now told me he'd basically leave his pregnant mate behind. God Landon you have to be a complete idiot to even think if take that scum back." I rant.

"I'm an idiot then. I'm sorry I didn't mean to spy but I needed to make sure you were okay and I saw you leaning into his hand looking content I just thought." he says trailing off shrugging.

"I wasn't content Landon. That look of content was really constipation." I say making us both laugh.

"Leave it to you to make a joke at a time like this." he laughs shaking his head. I shrug smiling at him. Then I sigh heavily.

"Don't worry Landon." I say grabbing his hand lacing our fingers together. "What he did and said to me two years ago and what he said just now. There's no way I'd ever take him back." I say truthfully.

"What did he say?" he ask. I roll my eyes.

"Something about leaving Victoria. Us being together forever and you using me for the pack." I answer. He scoffs shaking his head at that. While stopped at a light he leans over kissing my cheek.

"I love you Issa." he says. I nod. I haven't said it yet because I'm not sure if I do. Yes I have feeling for him but I'm not sure if it's love yet. Close but not yet.

When we reach home we go inside. Where the pack is for a dinner. Just a little gathering which I plan on turning it into something more. I recieve hugs and I'm sorry for your lose but stop Vivian holding up my hand. I walk to the couch standing up. I whistle really loudly getting everyone's attention.

"Hi thank you for coming today. I'm sure mom is looking down here right now and saying the same thing." I say and then take a deep breath. "Mom left me a note saying not to cry for her. She has a point. We love her and she knows that just by being here today. We've cried enough for her in the last couple of days don't you think? Just because we've cried doesn't mean it's going to bring her back or make us miss her any less. So instead of crying for her. We should be happy for her right? She's we're she wants to be. With dad. So I say instead of crying for her we celebrate her happiness. So let's turn this cry feast into a welcome home party. She's home where she wanted be. Who's with me?" I ask. People laugh and woohoo. I nod jumping down. "Dinner first. I'm starved." I say making them laugh. I'm right though so is mom. We need to be happy for her she's home with dad and I can't wallow in pity anymore. She's happy that's all that should matter.

We go into the dinning room where Landon had the dinner catered. I walk up to him putting my arms around his waist. "Thank you." I tell him.

"What for?" he ask me.

"For all of this. For doing this. Giving mom the best. It was really beautiful Landon and for taking care of me." I tell him. He smiles leaning down to give me a kiss on the cheek but I move my head making his lips press into mine. He gives me a quick gentle kiss.

"Anything for you." he whispers. I smile taking my hand putting behind his head bring my lips to his kissing him passionately.


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