Chapter 17

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Landon's POV.

She looks at me confused but relieved. I smile at her.

"It's a promise ring." I continue. I take her hand in one of mine kissing her palm. "I promise to never be Daniel. I promise to love you, cherish you and protect you. I promise to you that someday that I'll exchange this ring with a real engagement ring, marry you, have little yous running around. I promise that I'll do right by you even if it kills me. Please Issa accept this this ring." I say. She looks at me the whole time during that stupid speech. I didn't say it the way I wanted too. I kinda forgot what I was going to say. Idiot.

She leans over kisses me passionately. I was just so lost in that kiss that I just forgot everyone around me besides her.

"Take me home." she whispers against my lips breaking the kiss. I pull back nodding, disappointed but I don't let it show. I go to put the ring in my pocket only to notice it gone. I look down to were it was only to look back at Issa and see her smiling. "Did you think I was going to say no?" she asked. I smile at her.

"Yeah." I answer. I really thought she did. She shakes her head no chuckling.

"Come on take me home." she says.

"What about your desert?" I ask.

"A to go box." she says. I nod an okay calling the waiter over. He comes and I ask him for a to go box and the check. Why does she want to go home? I had more for tonight planned.

Once everything was paid for and boxed up I stand up helping her up.

"Are you sure you want to go. There's more to this than just dinner." I say as I help her put on her shaw thingy.

"I'm sure." she says taking my hand. Disappointed but I nod anyway leading her out. I open the car door for her getting her in then I go to my side. I drive us home as we joke and talk. When we get home she pulls me upstairs telling me she's tired. Tired my ass.

Let's just say my dreams came true.


Alissa POV.

I woke up with a smile on my face. I touched my new found mark almost blushing. I can't believe we did that. In such a short time too. I know I know but he has proven himself. He isn't Daniel plus I was tired of fighting my feelings. I deserve to be happy and honestly I'm happy with Landon. He takes my jokes joking with me and right back at me. He makes me laugh so hard I cry. He does not like to see me upset. Like at all. I like the fact that he doesn't call me baby unless he is trying to soothe me like when I found out Vance and Jo are mates. I was mad that they are mates no I was mad because they didn't tell me. I was pissed. But Landon came along and soothed me. I also found out that Jo and him were brother and sister. Yes I wanted to get mad about that but I couldn't. One I never did ask either of them about their family. Two she didn't want anyone to know because they tend to treat her differently just to get close to Landon. I understood that so I let it go.

Anyway after his corny promise I made my decision. I fought my feelings long enough. He treats me good, loves me and yes I love him too. So last night I let him fully mate me. It was, it was yeah. Not to sound cliche or anything but it was magical. Best moment of my life.

"You keep smiling like that and I'll think your thinking something dirty." he says huskily kissing my ear. I turn to snuggle up closer to him.

"Maybe I am." I tease nibbling his neck. He groans.

"Behave Issa!" he growls warningly. I'm so glad I can keep my hormones calm.

"But I don't wanna." I whine. Actually I do we got to get up. He flips me over getting on top of me. He starts kissing and nibbling my neck. "As much as I'd love to continue this. We can't." I mutter. He groans.

"Why did I know you were teasing me?" he mutters in to my neck rhetorically. I snicker. Oh how I love to tease him. "We got time." he huffs.

"No we don't. You alpha mine need to call a meeting and we need to tell them." I remind him. He groans rolling off of me. I get out of bed walking towards the bathroom. "Besides who said you can have this again?" I ask teasingly throwing my hips. I know he is watching. He growl from behind me.

Next I hear him get out of bed and then footsteps. I laugh as he picks me by my waist.

"When we get done your mine!" he growls in my ear.

"Yes alpha." I tease. He sets me down so I can take my shower. I fix my water getting in. Does he let me take one by myself? No. He gets in taking one with me.

After out shower we get dressed going downstairs. Luckily mostly everyone is there. He calls everyone else down.

"Can I have everyone's attention?" he ask but its with authority in it. Everyone gives him their full attention just like that. "We have a problem." he begins. "Someone wants this pack." he says. There gasp and mummers around the kitchen but he holds up his hand getting them to stop. "He has every right to it. After all he is her supposed chosen mate." he says. Everyone looks at Daniel. Yeah not a big secret he rejected me anymore. "But we do plan to stop it. There is a hearing today at three. Anyone that would like to attend it can. We won't let this happen." he tells them.

"But how can you stop it?" one ask. Landon smirks.

"We have our ways." he answers. Daniels face pales.

"She's not marked." one says.

"We know but there our other ways." he says. Shhh. It's a surprise.

"We know what we are doing." I say with conviction.

"I hope so." Troy mutters.

"Don't worry guys. It's all good." I say kicking back like I don't have a care in the world. "This is my dad and Landon's pack. It will stay that way." I say smiling. They nod in agreement. "Eat peeps I'm starving." I say standing up. I make us a plate with Landon up my ass. No I'm not mad about. There's a reason we are staying so close.

After breakfast Landon, Damien, Vance, Jo and I go up to the office gathering up our stuff. We make sure that our I's are crossed and T's are dotted. Hehe my corny joke. Then we head down to the conference room. They flew here for this hearing since they figure that the pack would want to show up as well and boy did they.

After we greeted the elders we showed them the conference room where they took their seat as well as us. The rest of the room was standing. Most couldn't come in. That's how many showed up.


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