Chapter 21

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He nods an okay.

"Well I think that's all the questions I have for now." he says getting up from his seat.

"What's going to happen to Landon?" I ask.

"He will be arrest." he says. I paled. "For now until we get to the bottom of this. If we find no reason for these charges they will be dropped. If not most likely the charges will stay." he says.

"Can he be bailed out?" I ask him.

"Yes ma'am but I'd wait awhile. It will be a while for him to be processed." he tells me as he leaves. I nod an okay as he closes the door behind him. I sigh heavily in relief.

"Did I do good?" I ask Max.

"I don't know but let's hope so." he says sitting back in his chair.

"See you later I'm going home." I tell him.

"Give it a few minutes. So they don't think your running to your boyfriends rescue." he says. I nod in agreement leaving his office. I go back to class to get my things. I walk in and the class goes quiet.

"You know I heard rumors but I didn't think they were true. Seriously why would he pick you over me." the school whore sneers. I roll my eyes.

"They are just rumors you idiot. And I can think of several reasons why he'd chose me of you. The main one being is that I'm not a whore." I say picking up my bag.

"Right." she scoffs. "That's why your supposed best friend is a guy." she huffs.

"He is, stupid plus he is dating my other best friend stupidass or am I sleeping with her too?" I ask rhetorically.

"Most likely." she says.

"Gee Van it's good to know I'm screwing your girl." I say to Vance.

"Can we have a threesome?" he ask me as he gets his stuff together.

"I'm game. Let's ask Jo." I say.

"Your such a whore." she sneers.

"Aww whats wrong? Jealous that I have more guys that want me then you do. You must be devastated that your second choice but don't worry babe. They are all yours because unlike I keep my legs closed." I say as we walk to the front of the class.

"Bitch!" she hisses. I roll my eyes.

"I'm wounded." I say wiping away a fake tear.

"Come on hooker I'm ready for that threesome." Vance says putting his arm around my shoulders. I nod letting him pull me out. Apparently he mind linked with Jo because she comes running up to us.

"What happen?" she ask me.

"In a minute." I tell her going to my locker. She nods going to hers and Vance's. I get my stuff together.

We leave school going home. I tell them everything we suspected. When we get there cop cars are all over the place. Great. Why are they even searching the house? I walk up and see Damien pissed off standing outside. Along with the ones that don't work.

"Jesus Lissa they are searching the house and won't tell me why." he huffs. Did Landon not get a hold of him? Probably not. I sigh heavily.

"Landon has been arrest." I tell him

"What for?!" he yells.

"I'm not sure of the charges but Apparently having some kind of intimate relationship with me." I tell him. He scoffs. We have to play it off because if we say anything they might report back. Who knows. "Go bail him out." I grunt. He nods taking my keys out of my hands. He has access to one bank account. So he can get the money out.

We sat outside for hours while they searched the house. I asked one cop that was outside with us why they were doing that. He said normally they wouldn't but since I do live with him they had too. I nodded in understanding.

We are not stupid. We knew Daniel would do this especially since we took the pack with us when we left. So we made sure I was set up in a different room. That all my stuff was in that room. That I took a shower in there everything. I did too. The only only thing I didn't do was sleep in there but even then I messed up the bed so that it looks like I sleep in there. We really didn't know what to expect so we aren't leaving anything to chance.

After they were gone we went inside and cleaned up. Shit the way the destroyed everything you'd think they were searching for drugs. Luckily they didn't carry anything out.

Hours later of us cleaning up Damien and Landon come home. Landon looks like shit and about ready to explode.

"You okay?" I ask walking up to him.

"Fine I'm taking a shower." he grunts walking past me. I watch him go feeling like shit. He could lose his job because of me and Daniel. And he loves his job. He told me that he wanted to be a writer at one point in time but he also wanted to be a teacher so what was better than to become a creative writing teacher. He could do both. Now it all could be destroyed because of me.

I sigh heading upstairs to his room. I know he didn't pull out any clothes so I did for him.

"I'm sorry." I tell him sitting them down on the counter. He grunts but says nothing. I walk up to the shower moving the curtain back. Oh very bad idea. Dirty thoughts run thru my head. I bite my lip to keep myself calm. "I'm sorry." I say again.

"Not your fault." he grunts looking up. Of god. Did I ever mention he is sexy as hell all wet? Hmm yeah I won't either I don't need you imagining my man in the shower. It's bad enough I am. He watches my lips intently as I bite them. His eyes turning pitch black.

"I know but I'm still sorry." I whisper closing my eyes gulping trying to calm myself. I'm so losing it.

Suddenly I'm pulled into the shower clothes and all. He puts his hand behind my head crashing his lips to mine kissing me roughly. He isn't gentle at all. He bites my bottom lip hard. I gasp giving him a chance to shove his tongue in my mouth. He has never kissed me like this before. Sure we've had some pretty heated rough kisses but nothing like this. I'm not complaining about it, it's just different. Actually I kinda like it.

He pushes me up against the wall roughly. Then I feel him remove his hand from my head and waist then I hear a rip. I break the kiss instantly looking down as goes for my neck. I'm shocked. He just ripped my favorite band t shirt. Jerks.

"You owe me another shirt." I moan tilting my head to the side as he bites my mark. Damn it. It was suppose to come out scolding. Let's just say it didn't stop there.

After our umm shower we go down for dinner and he tells us what happen. Since he now has to go get a lawyer he is taking the day off tomorrow. Daniel better hide after this.


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