Chapter 22

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It's been a month since then and we haven't heard anything although Landon calls everyday to see if there's anything new. But there's nothing.

Until today.

I stopped having lunch with him. Thank god I only have one month of school left. I don't like not seeing him. I know it's going to be more difficult when I'm out and I won't see him at all. Luckily I'll have something to keep me busy.

We don't see Daniel or Victoria. Never have. Mom was smart enough to make sure I had my schedule totally different than theirs. It was bad enough I had to see them at home mom didn't think if want to see them at school too. She's such a good mom. I just might see them in the hall every now and then but not very often.

Like right now just to be one of those times I see them. They smirk at me like they've win something. I smirk back.

"How's your boyfriend?" he says chuckling.

"If I had one I'd let you know." I say playing off for the humans. I walk up to him smiling brightly. "You want to be it?" I ask seductively running my finger down his chest. "Just imagine the the things we could do." I purr. "Because I know your not getting any from fatass over there." I say nodding towards Victoria.

'Issa' Landon hisses at me.

"Come on Daniel lets go for a roll in the hay. I could rock your world. I'd pleasure you in ways you could only imagine." I purr ignoring Landon and Victoria's growls. He gulps. Yep I have him. He is seriously thinking about it. Oh god what an idiot! I tippy toe up to his ear. "You lost loser." I whisper then lean back. "Oh wait. You'd have to have something in order for to give you pleasure and uh my guess you lacking that." I say looking down at his manhood. "Gosh Danny boy when will you grow up to be a man?" I snicker walking away.

"Your just jealous you can't have this!" he calls after me. I stop and turn around.

"Oh Little one. I could have you. I just proved that but unlike Victoria I'm smart enough to stay away from you and find a real man." I say then walk away. I can hear him growl as I walk away.

"You'll lose everything Issa!" he sneers yelling at me.

"Bring it dickhead." I yell back.

'I wish you'd quit nagging him on' Landon mumbles.

'I love you though' I snicker.

'I love you too' he grunts.

'yeah I feel the love' I huff.

'sorry Issa I love you baby' he says gently.

'better' I huff.

'get to class' he huffs.

'I'm trying but some nagging teacher won't leave me alone' I tease. I can just tell he is rolling his eyes right now.

'love you' he says but I know he wanted to say something else.

'love ya too' I say walking into class.

The day sadly went by slow. Landon won't get home until late because he has a stupid teachers meeting to go too. I groan plopping down on the bed.

"Have you told him yet?" Jo as coming into the bedroom. I turn my head to give her a you were with me all day look. "Right sorry." she says laying beside me. I sigh heavily.

"What of he doesn't want it?" I ask. She scoffs shaking her head.

"Your an idiot." she says. I nod in agreement. I just feel so stupid. We haven't talk about this before. So I don't know how he'll react. "Come on let's go have dinner." she says sitting up. I nod following her lead. We go down to eat.

After we eat we go out to the back to watch the guys play football. Joy.

After awhile Landon comes out back. I jump up running up to him.

"Hey baby!" I chirp jumping on him wrapping my legs around his waist and arms around his neck.

"What's up with you?" he ask cocking an eyebrow. Okay I'm buttering him up.

"Nothing I just missed you." I say kissing his chin.

"Liar." he says. How does he do that? I sigh heavily. It's now or never.

"I." I start but I'm cut off.

"LANDON!" a voice booms. He turns looking over his shoulder and growls. I look over his shoulder and groan. Daniel. Does that boy ever give up? "I challenge you for alpha!" he growls.

"Really Daniel?" Jo ask cutting in before anyone can say anything as they walk up. "Don't you understand you've lost? Or are you just that stupid? And you Victoria. Your suppose to be family but you just keep helping your fake mate bite us in the ass. What is wrong with you? Why don't you to just give up." she says.

"Shut up Joanna!" she hisses. Landon sits me down.

"She right Daniel." I start. "Why don't you just give up because you know what's going to happen if you do this. Your going to die." I snicker standing in front of him.

"No he is!" he growls shifting then he raises his arm clawing me across the chest.

I fall to the ground groaning in pain and Landon instantly shifts into a midnight black wolf snarling at Daniel. Holy shit he is sexy. Wait not now. No shit that hurt. I look down to see my shirt ripped and loos seeping thru my shirt. That sorry bastard. Oh he is so dead.

"Alissa!" I hear Damien yell.

Oh shit he's dead! I look up to see them fighting. I close my eyes because I don't want to see this.

'don't kill him' I rush out to Landon as they fight.

'what' he hisses at me.

'he has a child' I say.

'so' Landon grunts.

'Landon I wouldn't want to raise our baby alone' I hint reasoning with him. I might not like them but no child should be mother or fatherless. He froze for a second.

'are you telling me' he trails off.

'yes now pay attention' I grunt. 'just don't kill him' I huff.

"Alissa answer me!" I hear Damien yell. I open my eyes. "You okay?" he ask me. I nod groaning. "Shit!" he hisses looking down at my chest. "Not getting pervy." he says pulling my ripped shirt away from my chest. I nod rolling my eyes. He then rips my shirt open. "Damn it!" he grunts. "Jo go in and get me something to clean this with and find Henry!" he orders laying me down. Sheesh Damien it's a cut. Just because it hurts like hell doesn't mean I'm going to die. I didn't say anything though. I just laid there keeping my eyes closed groaning and worrying about Landon.

What if Daniel is tougher than I think he is? Oh god what if Landon dies? I'll be alone. I'll have this baby alone. I'll die alone. I'll raise this baby alone. Oh god I can't do this without Landon. Landon can't die. I love him to much. He just has to see his child be born. He has to raise his child. Please let him be okay.

I wanted to see what was going on but at the same time I couldn't open my eyes to watch. All I heard was snarling, growling and yelping.

Then I heard it. Landon yelping and Daniel growling.

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