Chapter 20

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It took us several days to move everyone but we did it. We didn't stop either. We worked around the clock. We all took time off of school or work just to help. Everybody helped everybody. Of course we all hated leaving but if the plan works it will be our home again.

See without him working, any of them working and none of my fathers money they won't last long. Face it those bills in that mansion are outrages.

Besides its not like we moved to far away. Well still go to the same school, they'll still have their same jobs. So nothing has really changed just homes. And it's not far from the old one. See we planned. We didn't know if the elders would buy our fake mate concept or believe that Landon is really my mate. So we prepared. There was this mansion not far from the old one that has been vacant since I could remember. Dad always said he wanted it because it also came with several acres kinda connected to my dads land that's another reason he wanted it. It would extend what we already have.

If this works out then well buy whats stopping it from connecting. Why he never bought it was beyond me. I guess our pack needed to be bigger before he did. So Landon got the realtor on the phone, met him, paid for it and now it's ours. It was a just in case thing but now I'm glad we did. Because we needed it.

Hopefully this works. There's no way Daniel will be able to pay the bills so he'll land up losing it and we'll be be there to swoop in and take it. Yes even though it's technically mine because dad left it to me but it does go to my mate and because the elders had to go in Daniels favor its now his. Jerk.

It makes me wonder if dad knew something was going to happen. That's why he didn't leave me anything but a couple of companies. Because he should have left it all to me so I could give it to my mate. But nope he gave it all to Landon. So no matter what the elders decided it wouldn't go to anyone else. Dad gave it to Landon so there was nothing they could do. Dad was a smart man.

I'm not mad he did that. I'm grateful he did because now Landon as my mate has it all. Even the companies dad left me. I wasn't going to let Daniel have any of it so I signed it all over to Landon. There's still nothing the elders could do about it because I sighed it over before our hearing. Take that and shove it up your ass Daniel! Yes yes I know I'm a bitch. Oh well.

Anyway everything else has been going smoothly.

Unfortunately I still go to school. Sadly I have to go thru most of the day not touching or seeing him. Except for his class but even then I can't touch him and it sucks. Luckily I get to spend lunch with him but I can't alone. So Vance and Jo tag along. We just go in a eat lunch that either Landon or I make. We joke around and talk. Of course Landon and I still kisses and flirt relentlessly. It's to fun watching him get sexual flustered especial now that we've mated.

Sitting in class doing my work I hear the door open and see Max and two cops walk in. I froze. I watch as they walk up to Landon speak to him and then make him stand up putting cuffs on him. That bastard! I start to stand up but Vance stops me. At least he is thinking.

'Issa baby calm down. Don't do anything stupid' Landon says thru mind link not even bothering to look at me. I'll kill that little sleaze ball. I knew he'd do it but I didn't think they'd arrest him.

"Alissa Stone." one says as one walks him out of the class. I slowly raise my hand looking around confused. You know I have to play it off. He gives a short nod. "Come with me." he grunts. I get up walking up to him. He takes my arm gently taking me out the door. We follow Max to his office in silence. I cuss out Daniel in my head the whole way there. The things I'm going to do to him.

He takes me inside Max's office setting me down.

"Do you know whats going on?" he ask me.

"No sir." I lie of course.

"Whats your relationship with Mr. Carter?" he ask me. I shrug.

"Umm I'm not sure what you'd call it. Umm he is my bank account." I tell him. He looks at me confused.

"What's that mean?" he ask.

"When my father died he left everything to Landon with a stipulation he has to take care of me and my mother." I say truthfully.

"Why didn't he leave it to you?" he ask me. I shrug again.

"I guess he thought I'd screw it up and I probably would have." I truthfully answer again.

"Why did he leave it to Mr. Carter?" he ask.

"I don't know I guess Landon is a smart kid and my father knew he'd take care of it." I answer truthfully again.

"How do you know Mr. Carter?" he ask.

"My father was best friends with his parents." I say.

"Where's your mother?" he ask me.

"She died." I answer.

"How?" he ask. I gulp.

"Is this necessary?" Mac ask.

"It is." the cop says. I nod.

"Killed herself happy?" I snap at him.

"Do you and Mr. Carter have an intimate relationship?" he ask me. Oh yeah very intimate I think to myself.

'Issa' Landon hisses at me. Oops. Apparently it wasn't to myself.

"No." I answer scrunching up my face in disgust.

"Theres a complaint against him for messing with an underage student." he tells me.

"Oh really?" I ask surprised. "Who?" I ask.

"You." he answers. I start laughing hard.

"Me?" I laugh out. He nods. "Oh please. We don't mess around and if we did I'm not underage. I'm eighteen." I tell him only half lying.

"But he is still your teacher." he says. I nod in agreement. "Listen I don't know who made this claims but I assure you they are untrue. One he is only a friend, two he is to big of a jackass, three he is like a brother, four I made a vow to myself to stay away from men after my one and only ex boyfriend Daniel screwed me over." I tell him. Throwing in Daniels name.

"Who Daniel?" he ask me. Yes take the bait.

"Daniel Jones ex boyfriend from two years ago." I say. "He has been trying to get me back since I returned home." I tell him rolling my eyes. "I don't know why either. He has a girlfriend of two years and she's pregnant. I guess he doesn't want her now that she is pregnant." I ramble.

"Who is his girlfriend?" he ask.

"Victoria Price." I answer. He nods thinking like something is clicking in his brain.

"And you and Mr. Carter live together?" he ask.

"Yes along with several other people." I answer truthfully.

"Sleep in separate rooms?" he ask. I furrow my eyebows together.

"Of course." I answer.

"So if we search your house there would be no evidence supporting this claim?" he ask.

"Search away." I tell him. I sigh heavily. "Look Landon is an good looking but definitely not my type. Just a stupid friend slash cash machine nothing more." I lie but I need to make this go away.


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