Chapter 3

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I get my laughing under control and smile at her.

"You are cute though." I tell her winking at her.

"That's was horrible." the girl says.

"Something against gays?" I ask cocking an eyebrow.

"No not at all but it's different when your being hit on by a girl." she tells me.

"Use to it." I tell her shrugging. She cocks an eyebrow.

"Alissa." mom scolds me. I roll my eyes.

"Don't worry ma. I'm not completely turned off by guys." I tell her.

"Sit you butt down and eat." she huffs.

"Yes ma'am." I say jumping on the counter.

"Table." mom says.

"Can't fatass over there is taken up the two chairs." I say pointing to Victoria.

"She's not fat. She's pregnant!" Daniel growls at me. My breathe caught in my throat. Did he say pregnant? Victoria stands up showing me. Sure enough she's pregnant.

"Oh no honey that's just fat." I say. "Must be hell trying to find clothes." I say shaking my head. Victoria bust out crying running towards the door. I start making beeping sounds. "Wide load!" I yell after her. Awww poor baby.

"You bitch!" Daniel growls at me standing up.

"Aww you wound me." I say putting my hand to my heart. He says nothing just stomps out of the kitchen after her. Everyone starts laughing.

"Was that necessary?" mom ask me.

"Nah but it was fun as hell." I snicker making everyone laugh harder.

"You know she's going to tell the alpha." she says. I shrug.

"Tell the big bad alpha to come speak to me if he has a problem with it." I say picking up my sandwich. She shakes her head at me. Smiling though.

"You know I think I changed my mind about you." the girl says. I turn to look at her cocking an eyebrow. "Go on date with me." she says smiling. "I think I'm in love." she finishes winking at me.

"Sure thang sweet cheeks." I say winking back. We laugh.

"Jo." she says introducing herself after we get our laughing under control.

"Alissa or lissa." I say introducing myself.

"Nice to meet you." she says.

"You too." I say jumping off the counter going around to sit down in Daniels seat that's next to Jo. "So ma how's things around here and where is this big bad alpha?" I ask her.

"He went out of town to visit his parents. Things around here are good. Really good. He runs it just like your father did." she says with a glint on her eye. I know she misses my father.

Most mates don't survive losing a mate. How she's doing it is beyond me but I'm glad. That's another reason why I stayed away because I didn't want to see her detoriate but after a while I just came to the conclusion that's she's not going too. She looks good actually. Like she never lost her mate but you can still see it in her eyes.

She loved my father deeply. They both loved each other deeply. I know for a fact if my mother was the first to go my father would have been right there a second later with her. He worship the ground she walked on. He had her on a pedestal do high I'm surprised she didn't suffocate.

"You still doing the alpha female thing?" I ask her. She nods smiling.

"Sure am. Since Landon hadn't found his mate yet he ask me if I would continue and of course I said yes." she says.

"That's great mom." I say happily. It might be what's keeping her alive. I hope he never finds his mate so mom can continue. She loves being alpha female.

I know it's mean hoping he doesn't ever find her but I want to see my mom happy. Besides he is a male I'm sure he has plenty of girls he can play with.

"Look I'm guessing you just arrived in town but I'm going to the movies tonight. You want to come?" Jo ask me.

"I have to unpack first." I say with disgust scrunching up my nose. "Mom did you have anything planned for us?" I ask mom.

"Actually yeah but go ahead." she answers. I shake my head no.

"No it's okay or we could all three go." I say.

"Sure I haven't been to the movies in a while." she says. I nod looking at Jo.

"Is that okay with you?" I ask her.

"Sure." she says then leans over. "I love your mom." she whispers. I nod smiling.

"Great movies us three." I chirp.

"Hey what if we wanted to go?" some guy whines. He is good looking but unfortunately I'm off men.

"Girls only." I say. "Unless there's something you need to tell us?" I ask cocking an eyebrow.

"All man babe." he says. I flip him off. I hate being called babe.

"Is that anyway to treat your beta?" he ask me. Ah.

"So your the one I get to blame when my pack goes up in flames?" I ask.

"Your pack?" he ask cocking an eyebrow.

"Yes my pack." I answer. Then his eyes go wide.

"Your Alissa?" he ask me. I nod.

"Were not listening when I called her mom?" I ask pointing to my mom. "Or when she said my full name?" I ask him.

"Nah." he says pulling ear phones from his ears. Oh. I take it away from him and put it on my ear.

"Good choice." I say once I hear who it is. Of Mice and Men. I love their music.

"You too." he says pointing to my shirt.

"Thanks." I say handing back his earphones.

"Nice to meet you I'm Damien." he says sticking his hand out for me to shake.

"You too." I say shaking it.

"So you back for good?" he ask me.

"Yeah." I lie. I haven't told mom my plans yet. I just can't yet. I will eventually just not yet. I finish my sandwich putting my plate in the dishwasher.

"When is Vance showing up?" mom ask me.

"In a couple of days. He had some unfinished business to take care of." I answer rolling my eyes.

Oh no don't even go there. Vance is my best friends. The school I went to was full of nothing but humans and well Vance was the only werewolf there and we just kinda became friends. Best friends. He is man whore and a lone wolf. But he is crazy and sweet.

He hasn't belonged to a pack since his parents died seven years ago. So when I said I was coming home to my pack he decided to come with me and join mine. His unfinished business is with his human girlfriends. Yes I said girlfriends He is giving them a long goodbye if you know what I mean.

"That's great honey. Will he be going to school with you?" she ask me.

"Yes ma'am. I'm going to go up and unpack. Maybe take a short nap." I tell her.

"Alright honey love you." she says.

"Love you too ma." I say kissing her cheek. I make my way out of the kitchen up to my room and I just fall on the bed falling asleep not bothering to unpack.


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