Chapter 6

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Yeah so much for ignoring him. Okay I do but the fucker invades my dreams and thoughts like a parhiana biting your ass. He just won't seem to let go.

"Oh Alissa." I hear Damien sing. I roll my eyes.

"What Damien?" I snap.

"Landon would like to speak with you." he snickers.

"Yeah well tell him I'm washing my hair." I say.

"You sitting on the couch watching Sponge Bob." he says.

"Yeah shhh really good episode here." I say.

"I'm sure it is." he says with sarcasm. "But." he says sitting down beside me. "You can't avoid him forever." he says putting his arm around my shoulder.

"Sure I can." I sing. "I'm doing a good job of it now aren't I?" I ask him.

"You better get your arm from around my girl." I hear someone say. I know that voice. I turn my head. Yep sure enough there he is standing there.

"Vance!" I squeal standing up. I jump over the couch running to him. I leap up attacking him in a hug making him fall. Then I start punching him. "It took you over a week to get here! Dumbass. Where you been?" I ask in between punches. Of course the dweeb is laughing about it but I keep going.

"Okay okay!" he yells laughing.

"What's going on here?" uh oh. It's him. My nightmare.

"Shit run " I say still on top of Vance.

"I can't your fat ass is still on top of me." he snickers. I get off of him sitting in the floor. I take my foot positioning it over his stomach.

"My ass is not fat." I huff taking my heel and hitting him the stomach with it. He grunts.

"Says the fat girl." he snickers.

"Aww babe your just jealous because I stole your ex girlfriend." I tease. I really didn't.

"Eh." he shrugs sitting up. "She sucked in bed anyway." he finishes.

"Have you ever thought that maybe it was you because when I had her in my bed. She made me have multiple orgasms from ways you couldn't even imagine." I tease. He rolls his eyes at me.

"Please." he scoffs. "I'm a sex god. I'll make you cum with just a flick of my wrist." he says.

"Three time." I tease.

"You such a hoe." he says.

"Shhh that's our dirty little secret." I tell him.

Someone clears their throat. I jump up fixing to bolt for the door.

"You stop right there." my nightmare orders. I freeze. Oh he'll no. I turn to look at him glaring at him.

"You think your command works on me?" I ask.

"Made you stop didn't it?" he ask cockily.

"Uh." Vance says then clears his throat. "Who is this?" he ask me.

"Your new alpha." I answer.

"Her mate." nightmare answers.

"Her what!" Vance ask shocked.

"No someone says that he is my mate." I correct.

"Damn right because I'm mate." Daniel says from the kitchen door frame. I start chuckling.

"That's where your wrong dumbass. I'm no ones mate. And if I was. Oh believe me Daniel. I'd chose him." I say pointing at Landon. "Over you." I say pointing at Daniel. "Every time." I say.

"Oh please your so in love with me. It's pathetic. Don't think I don't notice you staring at me or you just accidentally coming into the same room where I'm at." he says. I chuckle again.

"In love you with you?" I mock. "Ha! I'd rather get burned alive then be in love with a piece of shit like you. And stupid ass if I'm looking at you it's because I'm plotting your death. A slow and painful one and if I show up in the same room with you it's because it's a pack house idiot." I say turning around going back into the living room.

"Hey Lissa." he calls back but I ignore him. "Your still in love with me and you know it." he says. I stop.

"Is that what you want Daniel? For me to still love you. What did you do Daniel? Extend your bet because you couldn't get the little nerd girl to say she loved you? Well I hate to bust your bubble Daniel. You still lost. I didn't love you then and damn sure don't love you now. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever say those words to you or anyone else except to my mother. So Daniel for all of our sakes let it go. Go find your fatass whore of a mate and leave me the hell alone." I say turning on my heels again.

"I suggest you do as she says Daniel before you have no legs to walk on again." I hear my nightmare threaten as I sit down.

"Well that's was interesting." Vance says sitting beside me. I nod.

"Alissa." nightmare says from behind me. I groan.

"What?" I huff.

"Come upstairs. We need to talk." he says.

"No." I huff crossing my arms over my chest.

"Alissa." he says warningly.

"Landon." I mock.

"Don't make me come over there and drag you upstairs." he threatens. I stand up turning around to face. I cross my arms over my chest glaring at him.

"I'd like to see you try." I taunt. He cocks an eyebrow and smiles. Uh oh. I don't like that smile. He literally steps over the couch standing in front of me. Dang.

"Hard way or easy way Alissa." he says.

"I like things hard." I purr. Maybe I can distract him. What I'm kinda perverted.

"Definitely hard." he says.

"Want to show me." I purr running my finger up his shirt.

"Definitely." he says then does something I didn't expect. I leans down lifting me over his shoulder. Woah he's got a nice ass.

"Hey put me down goon!" I yell hitting his back.

"Nope." he chuckles.

"Help. I'm being kidnapped, rapped, murdered. Somebody help!" I yell to anybody.

"Can't rape the willing." Vance snickers.

"Vance help. I'll give you the best night of your life." I bargain Landon growls walking off. That growl was sexy. Oh god I'm losing it.

"You got a million dollars down your pants?" he ask me.

"I can put it down there for you of you'd like." I say. Don't ask me why I did it.

"Did you just bite my ass." Landon ask amused as he stairs up the stairs. Why yes I did.

"I don't know what your talking about." I huff crossing my arms over my chest as I bob up and down on his shoulder. I hear laughing coming from him and the back ground. I look up and see Damien and Vance following us. "Hi guys!" I chirp. "How's the weather?" I ask.

"Sunny." Vance answers.

"Uh no it's not it's rainy." Damien says confused. Vance laughs shaking his head. I look at him confused until he points. Then I catch on. My hands go up to my ass.

"Landon! Your showing everyone my white hinny! Dude what's wrong with you?!" I yell covering my ass. While they laugh their asses off. "Dude not cool." I tisk shaking my head. I wiggle around trying to pull my shorts up. Stupid people.

We get into the office and he set me down on his desk pretty dang fast too. I steady myself.

"Easy there. Sheesh gave my a head rush." I grunt. "So alpha mine what's this little powwow about?" I ask. He looks down at my hands and I follow. Oops. I didn't realize.


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