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Liam's POV

I walk grabbing sophia's hand in front of the whole school, some people are looking at us speechless and others are whispering, the rumors about us dating spread fast all around the place, I walk by Zayn's room and he gives me a worried look, I look down and keep walking, she grabs my face and kisses me, it was a stage kiss of course, just to let everybody know that we are now 'dating'. Ugh her glossy lips are horrible, how can other men do this everyday?

Did I just turn gay for zayn.

I need to tell Zayn that things might get worse from this point and that he shouldn't worry.

However now I need to focus on being popular. So I put my hand on her lower back and we go to our first class in where we sit together and I put my arm around her. This is disgusting but I need to trust Lou

"Aye a better face would be nice" Sophia whispers to my ear and I fake smile at her replying with a simple "whatever you say babe"

Lunch time comes by and I go to the cafeteria with her and I sit with Lou when Sophia says, "Don't sit here by your own losers, come with me," Lou rolls his eyes and we go sit with her and her so called 'besties'.

The whole scenario was awful, us both sitting with this fake girls who keep complimenting each other when they also talk behind their backs, it's amazing and disappointing at the same time.

Then he catches my eye, sitting there with Harry and looking at me with a strange expression, I smile at him and he smiles back, however it seems a bit fake and I wish we didn't have to go through this bs but there's not much he can do about it. At the end everything will get better.

I grab my phone to send Z a message but I get distracted noticing how my Instagram followers are growing quickly. Almost the whole school started following me now all we have to do is post some pictures together and that will increase my number so I take a cute pic of us, in where she is kissing my cheek and I post it. Obviously the picture gets a lot of likes in just a few seconds.

"Babyy I'm having a party tonight and you and your loser friend should come" sophia tell me and I look at lou
"I don't think it's a goo-" I say and Louis interrupts me "Actually Liam it's amazing, we'll be there Sophia"

I roll my eyes and I go to the bathroom I need a rest of all this bs.

As soon as I go in I feel that someone pushes me against the wall and then I feel lips against mine.

"Zayn" is all I can say as I finally have him with me. I smile against his lips and we pull away.

"Babe I'm so sorry about her" I say and he nods.

"Oh Leeyum don't worry, we already talked about it and I just have to get used to it, just makes me a bit mad you know"

I hug him tightly and then we pull away quickly as we hear the door open.

"Liam you stupid bitch what is taking you so long...  Oh hi there Mr.Malik nice seeing you here I guess it all makes sense now" says Louis and Zayn just laughs

"I have to go love see you later" Z kisses me goodbye and with that he leaves.

"Stupid bitch Lou? Really? And I still think that the party is a bad idea..."

"I don't care Li, we need to go so we prove that we are cool party lads and everybody will love you"


I don't want to go to that damn party. I just want to go to zayn's apartment and fuck him really hard and good and then kiss him and cuddle him like there's no other option.

"That's just gross mate, you don't think that it's a bit out of place saying all that in front of me? I didn't need to know that much, even though I must admit that you two fucking doesn't sound that bad and I'd kinda like to see that someday" Louis says and I blush looking down "oh god did I really said that out loud?" I cover my mouth. He just laughs and we go back to our classes.

Once school is over we go to my place and chill till we have to get ready for the party, Lou says I need to make a big impression, however, I'm planning on sticking with my shirt and ripped jeans. It's not like I'm going to use a leather jacket for this damn party?! Right? I'm not a superstar. Louis needs to chill with his plan a bit I think.

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