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Love is difficult- Ziam / Larry / Nosh by Janosirectioner
Love is difficult- Ziam / Victoria
Being in a relationship has to be wonderful. It was at the beginning for Liam. But when the past catches him, Zayn needs to let his stress out. Their friend Louis or bet...
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In Love With My Best Friend (Ziam, Larry) by Ziam_Larry_Feels
In Love With My Best Friend ( Larry
What do you do when you fall in love with your best friend? Which also happens to be your band mate and also happens to be in a serious relationship? Well when Harry and...
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One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy) [Completed] by underseaeternity
One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy) Grace and Marissa!!
Hey guys!! Bromance one shots only in this story!!! So we usually only do fluff but we do smut too (Maybe not great smut but yeah cut me some slack!) Every one shot you...
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Malik For Student Body President {Ziam Student/Teacher} by Anonymous43
Malik For Student Body President { Steve or Anon or whatever
"Zayn, have you ever thought of running for Student Body President?" "No, sir," "I think you should try," "Anything for you, Mr. Payne...
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Breathe Me {Ziam/Larry} (ON HOLD) by paige_ttt
Breathe Me {Ziam/Larry} (ON HOLD)by paige_ttt
Alpha Harry Styles, Alpha Liam Payne, Beta Louis Tomlinson, and Omega Niall Horan were known throughout the world as One Direction. Everything was great; life couldn't g...
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Lirry Stayne Family by carolinasheppard
Lirry Stayne Familyby Carolina Sheppard
Liam and Harry have been married for five years. They just couldn't help but fall in love. Liam was the strict one. He was papa, he never laid a hand on his children, bu...
The One Direction Group Chat  {aka the boy talking shit and being funny} by soulofheathens
The One Direction Group Chat { soulofheathens
The greatest group chat ever. They talk shit. There is ZIAM, (ZAYN AND LIAM) LARRY (LOUIS AND HARRY), AND NOSH (NIALL AND JOSH). ENJOY THIS! Has lots of lovely fluff an...
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Last First Kiss - Ziam Palik {RE WRITING!} (boyxboy) by xOurKiss
Last First Kiss - Ziam Palik {RE xOurKiss
When Zayn isn't able to handle the daily hate he gets, he plans to leave the band and his mates behind. But there's one thing that stops him; Liam. When Harry, Louis and...
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No Love, Just Pleasure by Larryziamtrueships
No Love, Just Pleasureby Larryziamtrueships
Ziam BDSM story where Zayn is a submissive who believes in loving his dominant whereas Liam is a tough dominant who believes that BDSM is for caring, pleasuring and usin...
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The Run In by Porcelain_Jackson
The Run Inby Porcelain_Jackson
Zayn was just a regular kid until he is peer pressured into having a one night stand with one of his sister's guy friends then he turns out pregnant and drops out of sch...
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Pretty Boy (Larry Stylinson one shot) by PierceWithKellic
Pretty Boy (Larry Stylinson one Erika
It´s just a one shot I wrote that sooner I had in mind when I did Lost In Stereo! --- Punk Louis and cute Harry Louis is in a band that Harry loves!
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One Direction: One-Shots by CaptainStyIes
One Direction: One-Shotsby Mike
Just a collection of one-shots I made. Enjoy :3 W A R N I N G: I do not own One Direction nor one single member of its band, nor the drummer, nor anyone else mentioned i...
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Found my Placid Love || Ziam by dazzlingziam
Found my Placid Love || Ziamby divya
Liam Payne is a normal boy. He is looking for peace. Have two Best Buddies to hold onto and his 'not so big' Family. Not so nerdy, not so sporty. just living an average...
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consume me | l.s. by greecehk
consume me | Baby, u r perfect.
Gracias a un engaño provocado por despecho, Harry Styles termina en el peor lugar del mundo, el mismo infierno: La cárcel de Alcatraz. ¿A qué clase de personas conocer...
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City boy by neptunesofya
City boyby 𝚂𝚘𝚜𝚘 ✰
"I am a city boy You are a city girl You date the city tool I am the city fool."
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one direction spank fic(larry and ziam) (bromance) by cutiespie2772
one direction spank fic(larry cutiespie2772
one direction bromance with mix of spanking so read and enjoy this story may contain lot of grammer mistakes becoz im not english so read at your own risk and don't bug...
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Hidden Talents by SwigMista
Hidden Talentsby Swig Mista
Hidden Talents Zayn is good at writing music and is a loner "bad boy" at school. Nobody talks to him. Nobody looks at him. Nobody knows him. He gets abused b...
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The Project- A Zouis Fanfiction by NandosNation
The Project- A Zouis Fanfictionby Meme Queen
**** Includes Lirry/Narry/Nosh**** Louis Tomlinson has never been popular. Zayn Malik is the school's most popular jock and bad boy. What happens when they are paired up...
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Perú x TODOS(countryhumans) by ZiomaraSanchezAlava
Perú x TODOS(countryhumans)by Ziomara Sanchez Alava
En esta historia abra puro lemon. Sera yaoi