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(Thats zayn)
Louis' POV

Three months later

"Okay liam now that you agreed, even tho it took you three fooking months, let me tell you the plan" he nods and i continue
"first you are going to keep boxing, I'll be like your manager, I'll hire you a cheerleader to be your beard for a month thats all im telling you now"

My plan is that he'll be  popular and once that is done,I want him to be famous, take him higher. So when he 'breaks up' with a slutty cheerleader i'll call my friend ashton that has friends in victoria secret,so liam will "date" a famous model and we'll start with music,due to the fact that he sings like an angel, then once he started and he is known by other stars he'll break up with his second beard and he'll be 18+ .By that time liam could date zayn infront of everyone and legally.

But im not telling him my plan. Not now

He looks at me "This wont happen and you know it"

"Liam its our chance! We can do it. At least try we got nothing to loose, oh and Niall is with that too"

"Ugh fine. But if something goes wrong I'm blaming you and I need to tell zayn first and if he agrees I will"

i hug him tightly and i go running to niall, he is a bit popular so i make him talk with a cheerleader called danielle and offer her 100 dollars to be liams beard for a month until liam "cheats" on her with a model.

when I finish I call ashton and he agrees to set him up with a model called gigi hadid,who is thirsty af for fame, (a/n srry I had to) and she agreed to do it for free if liam becomes famous by the time that they are together. asthon tells me that he is a friend of simon cowell and that simon could help liam with his music career for a low price.


Liam's pov

"hi baby" i say as i go into Zayns office and close the door behind me

"hey" he says smiling and kissing me.

"I want to talk about something" his smile goes away and looks at me confused and with a bit of fear too "zee I'm not breaking up with you, dont worry" now he smiles again and nods

"louis has this crazy plan but I think its gonna work" I look at him and I explain him what lou said before. when I finish he is extremely confused but he says "you think its gonna work?" and I nod "and do you want to do this?' i nod again "Liam I dont want to lose you" I kiss him.

"Z you wont lose me, even if you try to, you are stuck with me now" I smile and I kiss him deeply

The bell rings and we pull apart.

"Bye Mr.malik, thanks for helping me with my homework" I say as i see that students are coming.

I start going to my next class and I hear my name.

"Mr.Payne" I hear as I turn around

"Hi Mr.Devine, im going to class, if i dont im going to be late" I say to the director of this school.

"Oh dont worry Mr.Payne I need to talk to you and your teacher already knows."

I follow him


What if he knows about me and zayn?

Oh shit


I walk inside his office and I sit down.

"Liam i know that you are one of the best students in this school and that you may be busy after school but i wanted to know if you could help me by puting some posters anti-bullying all around the school. You dont have to say yes. But if you do I can help you by giving you a free period every week, whenever you want it so you can go boxing in our gym ."

"Oh okay then. Im in" I sigh

"Okay Mr.Payne see you after school! You can go back to class now"

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