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Zayn's POV

"Harry I need your help" I say

"With what... or who?" He replies
I look at him and say "I'm like dating a student..."

"Omg I thought you weren't that type of teacher, I know I am but you!... Hahaha and I remember that what you told me when we began working there?"


"I'm so ready to start working H" zayn said

"I hope that there are some hot students! I'd like someone smaller than me, and with a nice butt..." said harry while smirking

"Harry I would never do that, and you shouldn't either, it's our first year at this, we can't do that" zayn said quickly.

"Why not? " Harry said slowly with his deep voice.

"it's wrong, what if you go to jail, your career will be over, everybody will be disgusted, all because of a stupid student/teacher relationship."

Harry started laughing and zayn got mad

"I'm not joking Harry!"

Harry stopped laughing and said "I know that you'll like a student one day... and maybe it'll be the best thing that will happen to you, and you won't be able to change it."

"And here you are zayn, fallin for a student" said harry after remebering everything.

I blushed and said "you were right H and I will never doubt you again" there was a minute of silence and I said "so now tell me what should I do, I can't contain myself!. I'm afraid that I'll give him all of me, I'm afraid I'll lose my job,and I'm afraid of losing everything for him and that then he'll leave me" tears wers falling down my cheeks, harry hugged me and held me close till I stopped crying. "I love him Harry!"

"Does he know?" He asked me and I said no "then you should tell him that you do, how long have you guys beem together"

"Almost four months..." I said and he gasped

"Four months and you're telling me now!?" He said and I nodded my head "I want to meet him and I'll tell you what to do"

"Okay I'll call him, make dinner amd he'll come"

[L-liam Z-zayn](phone call)

Z-hi babe

L-Zaynie I miss you!

Z- I miss you too, actually, why come to my friend's house, he wants to meet you.

L- really? What if he doesn't likes me?

Z- Leeyum don't worry he's pretty chill, he's also a teacher.

L- what! You told a teacher z, you can't do that!

Z- don't worry he has a crush on Tomlinson I'm sure he won't say a thing.

L- Oh then I'll go, text me the adress and see you soon!

I text liam the adress and I go with harry.
The table was set, and the food was almost ready, harry worked in a bakery so I'm sure that the food will be pretty good.

"So you know who is my student?" I ask

"Neil Horan?"

"No, he's not my type"

"Give me a clue" he begs

"No I won't tell you, you'll find out soo-" the bell rang "He's here!" I opende the door and there he was, smiling, so beautiful, I grab him by his shirt and I kiss him deeply, when we finish he says "hey" and I say "hi, come in"

"Harry where are you?" I say and I grab liam's hand

"Oh im here, so you're with Liam Payne, you look so cute together!" We both blush and liam says "Hi Mr.Styles" Harry is Liam's drama teacher and he's also my best friend.

"Oh liam you can call me Harry, just call me Mr.Styles when we are in classes, and dinner is ready so come let's eat!"

Dinner was amazing, harry can cook really well, his knock knock jokes weren't funny but liam laughed. Harry asked him a lot of things but Li was fine with it, I kinda wasn't and I have to admit that in a few moments I got jealous. But he is so perfect that I can't help it!


An hour later liam is gone and I help Harry to clean up
"So what do you think about Liam?" I say
"He's amazing, just don't ruin it, don't do something you'll regret and keep him by your side. But the most important thing is don't make a mistake that will destroy you, your career and him and one last thing I need to know, have you fucked him yet?" I smile

"Thank you H, means a lot to me and maybe I did screw him a few times, but I didn't knew who he was at first!"

"Then don't get caught because you'll be in deep shit" he says and I nod in agreement.

-----------the next day.

"Good morning students!" I say to the classroom, and they all say "good morning Mr. Malik"

"Today we'll be doing something different, we'll have a test yay! Grab a sheet of paper and a pen!" Everybody groans.

While they are doing it I think that today I don't teach liam's class and I get sad because I really wanted to see him but.

The bell rang and everyone gives me their sheet of paper and leave the class. I go to the restroom and I bump into someone and by his touch I feel butterflies in my stomach.

"Hey there Mr.malik how are you today"he says

"Hey Mr.Payne" I help him standing up by grabbing his hand, once we stand up I was about to kiss him

"Oi Oii liam what is taking you soo long? " louis said and we pulled apart, he looks at me and says "Oh hi there Mr. Malik...I already know why liam has been 'ere for a fooking while" we blush and he rolls his eyes
"Okay okay lovebirds thats enough, liam we need to go" and with that he takes my liam away from me.

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