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(This is liam in the fanfic)
Zayn's POV

it's Saturday, and I have nothing to do, I want to see liam so bad

[Z🥰]: Liammm

[Li🔥]: hii, zee

[Z🥰]: zee? I like it!

[Z🔥]: I want to see you, kiss you and have you in my arms

Maybe that was too much?

[Li🥰]: I'm at Louis' now

[Z🔥]: come, please, and you can tell your mom that you are at Louis' and come over, just a little bit, I need at least an hour with you, I miss you.

Miss you? What?

[Li🥰]: I miss you too, see ya in 10'

This was very confusing, I don't know what was going on between us but I liked it and it wasn't bad as I thought it wad going to be.
I take a quick shower and when I get out I hear the bell ring. I wrap a towel around my waist and I open the door to liam once I close the door I smile and kiss him deeply before he could say something

"Hi zee" he says once we pull apart

"Hi leeyum" I say and I realize that my erection from seeing liam made my towel fall to the floor he smirks and takes off his shirt, damn his abs and then he takes off his pants and boxers, he is fucking huge, I can't forget the time we fucked, I can't believe it was actually liam, I was moaning his name without knowing and it was really him, now that I can see him it's even better.

Damn he's so hot

He pushes me up against the wall "dont take it easy" I say as I kiss him, we make out and he carries me to my bed, he slides his dick into my hole. He sarts thrusting in and out slowly as he puts me in the bed, i kiss him and he starts going faster. I feel pain and pleasure, he is so fucking big inside of me.

'Fuck baby' he says as I'm a moaning mess begging for more and more.
I start kissing his neck and leaving love bites all over him. I dig my nails on his back as he goes as fast as he can and I scratch him marking him mine.

"Fuck zee im close. I want to hear you moaning my name"

"Liamm" I moan

"Louder baby boy"

"L-Liaammm" I moan super loud as I come

He comes inside of me and we lay down looking at each other. When we kiss all the problems seem to go away. And I want to stay like this forever.

"Zayn I should go" liam says

"No. Li please stay here with me, i'll take you home tomorrow" I kiss him and I feel sparks, I don't know what's happening to me

"Fine" he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to him

Fuck i think I'm falling for him
Fuck no, too early for that, wtf Zayn he's your student!!!

Then i fall asleep in his arms

》》next morning《《

Liam's POV

I wake up in zayn's bed on my own and i smell pancakes, i get up and put on my boxers and pants.

Damn i cant find my shirt

I look at me in the mirror and i have 6 love bites going down my neck. As i cant find my shirt i go downstairs shirtless.

I can hear zayn singing. What a beautiful voice.
He could sing all day long and I'll be happy.
I go to the kitchen and there he is, with my shirt on and boxers. I wrap my arms around him from behind and I kiss him deeply.

"Good morning zee" I say, he smiles

"G'morning leeyum i just finished doing breakfast"

"Liam, can i ask you a question?" And i nod

"Will you be my boyfriend?and I know its fucked up and crazy that I'm asking you this but I can't seem to get enough of you and I want more every time, we can make it, in secret but we can and I don't want you seeing other girls because that will su-" I smile and I kiss him as he says that

"Of course i will baby"

Best morning ever

*one week later at school*

"Liam i can't believe it" louis keep saying

"Now that you have your crush you only need to be popular" he continues "and of course I have a plan you need to agree and I'll tell you!"

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