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Liam's POV

I'm looking at the fight and then someone catches my eye. It's Zayn, shopping. I tell Sophia that I'm going to the bathroom and I go near him.

I fake bump into him and he looks up. "What the fuc- Liam?"

"Zayn?" I look down, damn I suck at acting, hopefully he didn't notice.

Then I look back at him and we stare at each other for a second, he has a lot of bags and I know that his arms are weak. "Do you want me to help you with your bags?"

"It's um okay, you don't need to-" I grab his bags and then we start going towards his car. "Why are you doing this Liam?" I shrug. "Zayn... I'm not doing anything" I put the bags in the trunk of the car and he gets closer.

"You have no idea of what you do to me" our lips are a few inches apart, I get in the back of the car and so does he closing the door. He gets on top of me kissing me deeply and I groan kissing him back even deeper. My hand goes down his stomach grabbing his bulge and I unbutton his pants quickly. He sits next to me taking them off and he pulls down his boxers, I grab his member and I start rubbing it. He looks at me moaning softly and I bend my head down to suck his tip teasingly. I start sucking him off and he runs his hands through my hair.

I suck him harder and faster and moans come out of his mouth. I lick him teasing even more and he moans my name as loud as he can, the windows get tarnished as the heat increase, I suck him off until he pushes his dick inside my throat while he comes inside my mouth. I swallow it and I smirk at him. As I pull him on top of me I slide down my pants and I prep his ass while I kiss him. I push my dick deep inside his ass making him groan in pleasure.

He starts riding me slowly, knowing that it's my weakness and I grab his ass digging my fingers on it. He increases the speed and I can't hold my moans in. We are both a moaning mess and I feel him getting tighter. I thrust harder inside of him and I feel his prostate as he rides me even faster. Our bodies are pressed together and I kiss him deeply as I come in the condom moaning loudly but he smirks at me and doesn't stop, he keeps on going riding me even faster and I moan louder and louder. "Fuck Zayn..." he sushes me and I thrust into him faster and harder while he rides me making him moan my name. He comes and so do I again.

We both stay there breathing heavily and making out, he gets off of me and I take off the condom, I get changed quickly and so does he.

"Do you um want me to drop you off at your place?" He asks looking at me and blushing a tad.

"Yea sure thank you" we both get down stretching our legs and go to the front seats. We buckle up and we have a nice trip to my home. In silence but comfortable silence. He pulls over and looks at me sighing. "Here we are" I nod at him and I kiss his cheek

"thank you Zayn" he waves me goodbye as I close the door and he leaves. I sigh deeply and I wipe away a tear. Why does it have to be like this? Why is it so wrong when it feels right?

I get in and my phone rings, it's Sophia.

Omg I forgot about Sophia! She's going to fucking kill me. So I decline the call.

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