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Liam's POV

"So Louis is hiring a girl to be my fake girlfriend" I say to Zayn and he looks pissed
"Are you sure that you need this? I mean having a fake girlfriend? Will you kiss her? What if you fall for her? Will it work?"he asks

"babe i know that you are worried but 1 I need this 2 I won't kiss her, unless i need to,3 i won't fall for her, because I'm with someone, who I have already fallen in love with and im not planing on leaving him anytime soon"

"You love me?" He says with the biggest smile on his face

"Yeah i love you zayn" he jumps in my arms and kisses me deeply

"I love you too Liam" he says picking me up and pulling me closer to him, which to be honest surprised me because between us two im the strong one.

His doorbell rings and we both groan
He stands up and when he opens the door harry is there with a huge smirk on his face as he sees me.

"Hello zee and 'leyum'" he says mocking zayn

"Harry take that smirk out of your face before i do it, you just ruined our moment, our perfect moment" Zayn says and i laugh

"Babe its okay we knew he was going to come" i say and i hug him

"Thanks Liam" Harry says as he comes in and sits on the couch

"So what were you guys doing apart from sucking each other's face?"

I blush and try to hide my face
Zayn comes and sits next to me and puts his arm around me kissing my cheek

"not much Harold, we were having a good time till you showed up. Maybe you should call Louis, so you're not alone" he says laughing
Harry gasps and rolls his eyes
"I'm not alone, I'm with you two!"

"Yea but we'll be busy" I say as I kiss zayn deeply. Zayn gets on top of me sitting on my lap as we kiss

"HEY LADS NOT HERE PLEASE" Harry says covering his eyes
I smirk and I call Louis

"Hey mate come to zayn's" I tell him and he tells me he will come in 5

"Harry your boy is coming here soon" I say laughing softly as I grab zayn's ass

"He is not my boy okay, I just like him"

Theres a knock on the door and harry goes to the door
"Who's there?"

"Louis"Harry opens the door and looks at Lou

"Oh Hi Mr-Mr Styles" lou says looking down
"Call me Harry and come in Louis"

Me and zayn look at each other and laugh softly as zayn whistles
They both blush and Lou comes in glaring at me

"Li can you come to my house tomorrow after school"

"No sorry Lou,Mr Devine asked me to put some posters around the school"

"I'm going to be there too" zayn says looking at me with a smile on his face

"So am I, Louis you should come" Harry says and Lou nods in agreement

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