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Liam's POV

"So Liam when are you going to tell the School your secret?"

"Niall I have no idea what you're talking about, now excuse me I have to go" and I start walking.

"I'm talking about Zayn..." Niall say and I freeze there, when I turn around I see a smirk on his face.

"Zayn? Who is zayn?"

"Mr.Malik, don't play innocent, I saw you two making out on his desk the other day, do what I want and your secret will be safe"

I go to him and I push him against the wall.

"What the fuck Horan, what are you talking about!"

"AYE MY BURGER! I'm sorry Liam but you heard me,and I have no other choice" he says looking down

"Well guess what dickhead, I know about you and Mr.Devine" and with that his face turns from a smirk to a pale and frightened one.

"Wh-what, I don't know what you're talking about. Let's make a deal, you tell Zayn that I'm sorry about all this" he stands still thinking and confused "also... I would like to apologise for the letter and the little prank...I'll forget about your secret if you forget about mine and help me with Shawn"

"Which letter?"

"The one I sent him, telling him to break up with you..." and with that I punch him hard in the face, instantly regretting it.

"Shit sorry Niall, look we have a deal okay but you tell him personally that it was all your shit okay!!" I say out of guilt.

"Oof you are strong mate" he laughs softly while groaning "okay okay I'll tell him and don't apologise, I deserved it" I let him go.

"See you tomorrow at seven in zayn's class" I tell him and I go to my house.
Right after that I decide to go to the gym so I can clear my mind.

Some weights and cardio after, I think recognise a high-pitched voice that is close, however, I keep running.

I grab my bag and as I go to the showers I bump into someone pretty "Mendes, I thought I heard your voice earlier! We seriously need to stop bumping into each other" I laugh softly and he looks down shyly.

"Liam, I didn't know that you trained here" he says looking up at me and rubbing his arm.

"Um I actually don't really come here, I usually go boxing but I needed to clear my mind"

"Sorry Liam, I can't stay any longer but I'll see you at school!" He says grabbing his things and heading towards the door

"Oh and Shawn, Horan thinks you're cute" I tell him and I wink as he blushes, then he leaves shaking his head.

I hope that I can get back with Zayn after all this bullshit.
The next morning I woke up, got dressed and looking at myself in the mirror, I feel nervous, I look at my bracelet and I take a deep breath.
I go downstairs and I grab a toast, I need to go early to meet Niall there.
"Good morning sunshine" my mum says "why are you going school this early?"

"Hi mum, I need to go to Louis' before school so see ya later, love you" I say going out as I bite my toast.

I get there and I see Niall at the door.
"Hi Liam" I nod at him.

"Let's just get this done Horan"
I feel more nervous, I didn't even know that it was possible but I just head in with Niall and I knock on zayn's door.
He looks at us confused but tells us to come in.

"Good morning Mr.Malik" Niall says. "I want to apologise"
Zayn looks at me confused and I nod at him.
"I was the one who sent you the letter and the mail with ya know... the cuffs and I feel terrible to be honest and I really want to say how sorry I am. I promise that I will never say a word about you two and I'll leave you alone"

Zayn gasps, speechless.  "Niall please leave now" he say softly and looking at me a but hurt. Niall leaves as he says and closes the door.

"Liam I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you about the letter, I just didn't know what to do and I love you more than anything and I couldn't just let you go. But I did though, and it really sucked but I hope that you can forgive me" he stands up and says that while getting closer to me.
I grab him by his shirt and I kiss him deeply and passionately, like there's no tomorrow.

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