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bad boys (l.s.) by larry-thoughts
bad boys (l.s.)by >:(
louis is a punk bad boy and harry loves flower crowns and guys with tattoos and piercings.
2am texting // ziam by xhappilyalive
2am texting // ziamby j
[ zayn + liam // mature ] liam can hide everything with a smile. but zayn can see right through his lies. [ completed : aug. 19, 2015 ] © xhappilyalive 2014
vowed ➼ ziam mayne by niallssogolden
vowed ➼ ziam mayneby tay ?!
𝐯𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐝┊❝you're the love that came without warning; you had my heart before i could say no❞ ↳ in which liam is scared to fall in love again and zayn just wants to fi...
Undercover ~ Loucel / Larcel / Larry by agirlruinedbybands
Undercover ~ Loucel / Larcel / Lar...by MichelleShipsEverything
*COMPLETED (& cringe)* Marcel is the typical nerd in highschool but a superstar outside. He had a perfect life, all was well, and then he got a call from management. Tha...
Eden, Earth Or Inferno, I Go Wherever You Go. by Igotbe
Eden, Earth Or Inferno, I Go Where...by Igotbe
What happens when a Demon and an Angel dare to fall in love in a world divided by hate? Alternatively, where Liam's an Angel, Zayn's a demon and somehow they end up toge...
FOG2 {ziam} -COMPLETED- by justlilian
FOG2 {ziam} -COMPLETED-by لیلیآن
-لیامم؟ اولین کلمه ای که بعد از اون اتفاق به زبون اوردم... نمیخوام کار اون لعنتی بالا سرمو انجام بدم اما میدونم تقصیر کیه... چند انسان بی ارزش... اما حلش میکنم به خاطر ل...
Instagram || Ziam SMAU by sweetcreaturesaandy
Instagram || Ziam SMAUby S A N D Y
Instagram AU in which singer ZAYN and model Liam Payne are brought together by their friends. Cover Manip: ziamwts on Tumblr
My Sister's Crush - A Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction by i_am_obssessed
My Sister's Crush - A Larry Stylin...by Larry’s Daughter☀️
What starts off as watching tutoring sessions with his sister that then becomes a secret relationship with his sister's crush. Will they keep there relationship a secret...
Innocent or InNOTcent by MrsDirection10
Innocent or InNOTcentby MrsDirection10
How about Zirry (Zayn Liam and Harry) Liam Payne is the most innocent, goody-2-shoes that gives everything anyone wants. He's very caring and sweet. He thinks E...
fruit // ziam by xhappilyalive
fruit // ziamby j
[ zayn + liam // mature-ish ] "i like peaches" © xhappilyalive 2016
Once Upon A Twisted Tale (Ziam AU) by Miss__Mysterious
Once Upon A Twisted Tale (Ziam AU)by Miss__Mysterious
Zayn Malik, local college student, doesn't really enjoy fairy tales. In fact, he doesn't believe in them. Liam Payne, the boy Zayn admires from afar, isn't exactly his d...
What About Us  by helado_sp
What About Us by helado_sp
یخ دلِ سوخته و درد کشیده اش داشت آب می‌شد... آب شد و دل باخت بهش... ولی کی گفته زندگی قرار نیست حتی واسه یک بار هم که شده چیزی رو خراب نکنه!
Sólo maridos en la cabaña [zianourry OS] by imharrysboy
Sólo maridos en la cabaña [zianour...by imharrysboy
Cuatro hombres sólos en una cabaña como parte de un retiro para matrimonios con problemas, descubrirán algunas nuevas formas de divertirse. Advertencias: Si eres ho...
Shiny Rabbit by Zeactive
Shiny Rabbitby ‌𝙕𝙚𝙡𝙙𝙖
لیام نیمه خرگوشه. زین؟ مزرعه دار. Zayn top
Moondust (ziam) by Merrsad
Moondust (ziam)by صاد
I long to hear your voice, but still I make the choice, To bury my love, in the moondust. من منتظر می شینم تا صدات رو بشنوم، اما باز هم تصمیم می گیرم که عشقم به تو رو در...
Underestimated by Zeactive
Underestimatedby ‌𝙕𝙚𝙡𝙙𝙖
دفتر چرک نویس لیام؛ کسی که دست کم گرفته شد. Completed story, Ziam
Ziam Smut 💦😈 by ryan_rm
Ziam Smut 💦😈by Ryan
Just smut😈💦💛❤ ziam smut
Instagram ||L.s. × Z.m.||  by 28GucciLarry
Instagram ||L.s. × Z.m.|| by 𝓖𝓾𝓬𝓬𝓲𝓛𝓪𝓻𝓻𝔂
Your typical Instagram fanfiction...probably♡
Philophobia//Ziam by yellowxred_
Philophobia//Ziamby 🦋
An AU Where After watching his parent's relationship fall apart and his own fiancé leaves him for a richer and older man Liam develops philophobia But what happens when...
You're the only one who owns me Z.P (complete) by Tommo2412991
You're the only one who owns me Z...by Tommo
"افتقد ملمس وجهك الفاتن وفراق شهد العنبر من شفتيك أهلكني المتاهة التي تصنعها لي عندما تكون برفقتي ذات سحر خاص فكن لي كن للأقوي " ^.....^ " الرضا يعتريني...