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Liam's POV

After one week of not going to school I decide that I have to move on, but I see the date and I completely regret it.

Thursday, 14 February

I go to school and walk in with Sophia, everybody looks at me, I go with Sophia to her locker and she there are flowers and a box of chocolates there.

"Wooww Liamm this is gorgeous thank youu baby!" She says looking at me then she hugs me tightly "just pretend that you gifted it to me yea?" She whispers to my ear.

As I'm hugging Sophia I see him at the end of the hall, looking at me, I gasp softly and then I peck Sophia's lips.
When I look back to where he was, he wasn't there.
I left Sophia with her friends and I walk around school trying to find Louis, then I bump into Harry and we exchange an awkward "hi"
Suddenly as I'm passing by him he grabs my arm and tells me "Liam... Zayn didn't want to do it, just give him some time" he says and I just roll my eyes,if he didn't then he shouldn't be a dick and not say shit.
"Well last time I checked he did fucking breakup with me, now excuse me Mr.Styles but I have to go" I say walking away.

I'm still walking with no luck, still not finding Louis, he told me to meet him at school where the fuck is he?  And I bump into someone again.
"Ugh fuck, how many people am I going to bump into today?" I say as I notice a lad that I had never seen before.

"Oh I'm really sorry, I didn't see you" a nice high pitched Canadian voice said.

"It's okay, you're new here?" I told him as I help him with his stuff that fell to the floor.

"Yea buddy, I'm Shawn." He says smiling at me, I must admit that he's cute, definitely not my type though

"Well Shawn nice to meet you, I'm Liam" I say and then the bell rings, Shawn runs to his first class coz he doesn't want to be late on his first day, and I groan as I still haven't found my best friend.
I go to my first class and shit, it's Mr.Malik's class.

"Good morning everybody, please Mr.Payne, go to your seat, you're already late so detention sounds perfect for you and I hope that you don't have any Valentine's day plan, because you're going to be having the time of your life here! Yayyy" he says sarcastically and there are a few laughs in the background

"Aye Mr.Malik, do you have a Valentine this year?" A guy said.

"I sadly don't have a Valentine anymore" he says and he looks at me for a few seconds and then he looks down, I ignore it and the class stars, after a few minutes I look around noticing that Louis is not there.

"M-Mr. um Malik? Can I get a bathroom pass?" I say as I go to his desk.

"No Li,um sorry,Payne take a seat" he says and his voice is serious and deep, he didn't even look up at me, he kept his eyes on his paper.

"Mr.Malik, I need to go to the bathroom" I say a bit colder and louder.

"Okay Mr.Payne, since you seem to give me no other choice, do as you want" he says now looking up at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes. God he is wearing his fucking glasses, making him look hot as fuck and I just miss him so much but there's nothing I can do about it I just want to kiss him here in front of everybody.
Oh god Liam what the fuck are you thinking he broke your fucking heart get over it, he seems unbothered.
"Um Mr.Payne, helloo?" He says with the bathroom pass on his hand, I just grab it and without saying a word I go out.

As I'm waking to the bathroom I hear a faint "Mmm yess so tight"

Ewww fucking hormonal teenagers

But then it hits me, that's Louis' voice, I needed to see him so I just knock the door of the room that they were locked in. And a minute later Louis comes out.
"Shit Liam you scared the fuck out of us!"

"Us?" I ask him and I wiggle my eyebrows.
Then Harry comes out of the room.
"Oh, um I'm glad to know that you're here Louis now Mr.Malik is probably waiting for me to come back" I say and they both look at each other shocked.

"Li, are you sure you don't want to skip class instead?" Lou asks me.

"Nah mate you're busy, I'm going back bye talk to you later."

I go back to the classroom and I sit on my place without paying attention to whatever Zayn was saying.

School passes by pretty quickly but thanks to him I have detention, I decide that I'm not going to let this ruin my year, I'm going to be 18 soon, Louis' plan is going extremely well and who knows? Maybe I'll find someone my age?
I get in detention and there's no one here.
"Hello everybody today in detention we are going to have a very fun quiet time..." he says coming in but then he looks at me and says "well Mr.Payne looks like we are the only ones here..."

"Hello, sorry Sir I got lost I didn't know how to come here"

"Mr.Mendes, come in, have a seat."

Shawn looks at me and I smile at him then he sits right next to me.
"Bad boy, getting detention on your first day"

"It was an accident, it only happened because I was late to class." He says looking at me, I notice that he is blushing a bit and I know I shouldn't be doing this but as Zayn is looking at us...
"So Shawn... tell me more about you..." I say and I check him out, making him blush so I whisper to his ear. "You're very cute when you blush" I didn't know that it was possible, but he's blushing even more.

"Are you both trying to stay here forever, because I can add more time if you want to, now please shut up and do nothing." Zayn says a bit mad.

Detention finishes and Shawn goes out pretty quickly, I grab my bag and as I'm going out of the classroom, then while I'm walking through the hall someone grabs my arm from behind and pulls me to a dark room.

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