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Liam's POV

I've been trying to avoid Mr.Malik all week long, now I'm on my last class of the day, of course it has to be English with Mr.Malik


I sit on my place 15 minutes before the bell rings and zayn comes in

"Li' he says

"Yeah Mr.Malik? " he looks at me and gets closer, he kisses me and I kiss him back, I put my head down

"We can't do this zayn" I say and he nods

"But maybe we could make it if we try it" he says, he goes to his desk and sits down, I look at him, he looks at me, the silence between us is not awkward,We stay like that and the bell rings.

The class begins, I had to tell Lou what happened and zayn said we have detention, ugh. The only time I talk and he makes me go to detention, I can't believe this man.

Dammit zayn!


Me and Louis go to detention and for my luck zayn comes in.

"Today I'm going to stay here, you can't talk, use your phone or have fun and don't you dare to think that you can go outside"

He says sitting on a chair

"Ugh this sucks" I say

"Payne you are going to stay 30 minutes more for talking"


"One hour" he says and I sigh rolling my eyes

"Payne you want more time here?" I shake my head no" then dont roll your eyes to me"

I look next to me and Louis is sleeping, time passes by and detention finishes but I have to stay one more fucking hour!!

Louis goes out and tells me that I can go tonight to his house.

when everyone goes out zayn says closing the door "Okay now we are the only ones in the school" I look at him and he gets closer

He starts kissing me and wow his lips are like a drug,I can't get enough.

I start kissing down his neck and I leave a love bite, I feel my pants getting tighter as I grind against him.

"Liii, you are making me so hard" he says with a little moan

"Za-zayn" I moan as I feel his hand on my crotch pressing it hard.

"Mmmm leeyum" he says

I grab him by his tie pulling him closer to me kissing him deeply, he grabs the back of my head, ugh fuck I'm falling for him so bad.

I'm falling for my fucking teacher
No no it has to be a strong crush

The alarm rings, my hour finished zayn looks at it and I grab my stuff, I go to the door and he looks at me with his gorgeous hazel eyes.

"Li don't go" he says

"Goodbye Mr.Malik, I guess you should cover those love bites and fix your tie" I wink, he blushes and I start walking home. Suddenly I see that he runs behind me fixing his tie and hair.

"Lii at least let me take you home"


"fine", he kisses me quickly and we go to his car he has a Lamborghini gallardo, wow, I can't believe it, this car is so expensive, I get in and he turns on the radio.
What makes you beautiful by a famous boyband starts i think my favorite member is called Zack or something like that

"You're insecure don't know what for" Zayn sings and I look at him "you know it? " he asks and o nod " yeah I do"

"Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you" we both sing

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed" I start laughing and he grabs my hand

"You dont know-oh-oh, you dont know you're beautiful-oh-oh, thats what makes you beautiful" he sings to me I blush, we arrive to my house and I say "bye zayn, thanks for the ride"

"You're welcome, bye handsome" I blush and as I open the door to get down and he grabs the back of my neck and kisses me passionately, I kiss him back and before anybody can see us I smile and get off, I enter to my house and he goes away.

"Hi liam" my mom says kissing my cheek "why are you late?"

"Sorry i got detention" she looks at me and I go to my room,before she yells at me and I say"mom I'm going to stay at Louis' tonight"

My mom lets me do pretty much whatever I want, that explains all my tattoos and that I can go everywhere without her permission. She does love me and I love her.

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