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Liam's POV

Sophia can't come to school today since what happened to her last Friday on the party so I have to walk alone.
In the corner of my eye I see Justin all bruised and looking at me with fear I glare at him and he stops looking.

Some girls come to me and they all say.
"O-M-G  Liam Payne the hero of the year"
"What you did for her was so brave"
"I see that you have big muscles do you have a big-"
Before she could continue I interrupt her "I have to go bye girls" they all look at me as I pass through them.

"Oii lad wait for me" I hear Louis say and I stop turning around and looking at him.

"Hello Lou"

"You're smashing it Liam! Everyone likes you, respects you. It's like you rule this shit now!" I smile at him and we go to our first class with Mr.Styles

"Good morning everybody! Please go to your sits" Harry says as we go in, and he looks at Louis.

I notice that Louis looks down blushing and that he tries to cover his face from me, I gasp loudly and he looks at me worried covering my mouth as everyone turns around to look at us.
Holy fuck Louis fucked Harry.
I look at him and I notice a hickey on his neck so I punch him in his arm. He groans loudly in pain.
"You're a fucking idiot, you thought I wouldn't find out huh?" I whisper to him.

"Um Payne and Tomlinson, detention today" Harry says and I see Lou rolling his eyes.
"Congrats idiot!" He says to me in a low voice.


It's only Lou, Harry and me in this classroom.
Harry sitting on his desk Louis looking at him and me here like a third wheel noticing the sexual tension.
"Can I at least call Zayn? You guys are making this very uncomfortable for me" I say and they both look at me.

"As if you and Z didn't do that to me!" Harry says and he comes closer to us.

"Well yea Liam he's right and I'm sorry that I didn't tell you"

"I'm going for a walk brb" I say as I go out of the classroom.

I start walking around the school and see if I can call zayn

No service fuck.

I keep walking and I hear people talking one has an Irish accent, Niall?
I get closer slowly for them not to notice me only to be shook.

Niall on Mr.Devine's desk kissing him and Mr.Devine grinding against him as Niall wraps his arms around the older lad's neck. They start taking each other's clothes off, the door is closed but I can see everything from the little window that his office has, apparently this isn't soundproof because I can hear them moaning softly.

"You're making me so hard big boy" says Niall.
ugh, I know that I'm with an older guy but Mr.Devine is 49. I know it's bad but so is my relationship, and i guess I should leave them alone

I stay paralyzed and suddenly my phone rings.
I start running as they hear my phone and I go back to the classroom only to see Harry and Louis making out.
They look at me and I go out of the classroom again and sit there against the door.

I see that Zayn is calling me so I answer immediately.
"Hi zee"
"Li can you come home?"
"I'm at detention, Harry and Lou are making out" I say and he laughs softly "zee are you okay?"
"Yea...I'll talk to you when you come" with that he hangs up.

Huh? I walk into the classroom ignoring Louis and Harry, I grab my bag and I get out ignoring what they are saying to me.

I go walking to zayn's house, it's pretty far from here but it gives me time to think and relax. I'm nervous, zayn seemed off when we talked.
I get there and when he opens the door I try to kiss him but he dodges my face.


"Li I'm breaking up with you" he says not looking at me.

"Why?" I say and my voice cracks.

"I can't say it please Liam" he say and now he does look at me, I see tears running down his cheeks, I wipe off some and he puts down my hand.

"You know I love you Zee and if you want me to end this Sophia thing, I will please let me fix this"

"It's not because of that Liam please go"


"Liam I said GO!" He says and I kiss him deeply as we both cry, he kisses me back and then he pulls away whispering "please Li go" I nod and I leave crying as soon as I'm out I slide down the door sitting down and I stay there for a while crying then I get an Uber back home.

I get home and I lay on the couch doing nothing. I get a few calls from Louis, from Harry and some from Sophia as well, I ignore all of them and I lock myself in my room. I feel so heartbroken, he didn't even say why he did that.

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