9. The One I Want

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{Earlier That Month}(Zayn's POV)

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{Earlier That Month}
(Zayn's POV)

"Zayn please... she needs this." My mother pleads.

My mother is trying to talk me into marrying one of her childhood friends' daughters who apparently needs to come to the UK. I don't know why it has to be me, or why she would think I'd be up for doing that.

"Mum, I have zero interest in marrying that girl. It's just wrong to marry someone just so they can get into the country."

"She has a past... she needs help and we're the only people who can help her right now."

"Sorry, I cant do it."

"This is not how I raised you, Zayn!"

"No, it's not. You raised me to be an honest man! Not to marry someone because they need a ticket into the country."

"I taught you to be a selfless man. To do what you could to help others. To give people a chance."

"Come on, Mum!"

"You don't even have to stay married to her, Zayn! It's just to help her get away!"

"What is it that she's running from?"

"Let's just say that she's been dealt a poor hand recently and needs help getting away from it."

"Why can't she go to anyone else?"

"Her mother asked me specifically because we are the only people in the UK that she knows. She's a kind woman and I would assume her daughter is too. She's desperate, Zayn."

I sigh, looking back to my mother questioning everything. I don't want to marry some strange girl just because she wants to live here. Besides, I already have Alissa, and I'm not messing up what I have with her to be with a stranger.

"If you do this for her... I'll fully pay for your Uni. I'll pay it all off."

I'm shocked by my mother's desperate offer. It would really help to get those rid of those loans. I'm in so much debt, I don't know how I'll pay it all off otherwise.

"Why are you so desperate to help her?"

"Because when I see a young girl crying for help, I'll do what it takes to help her."

She really was serious about all of this. I still don't understand why she so badly needs to leave her country, but if it's this serious then maybe I need to help. Besides I really need those loans payed off and I don't have to stay with her after. I'll just let Alissa know what's going on and I'm sure she'll be okay with it, or at least understand. I'm not about to mess with my relationship with Alissa just to help this random girl.

"Fine... but it's just a deal. I'm just doing this for the sake of getting her out of the country, nothing more."

"Oh Zayn, thank you Darling! I'll tell her right away!"

"Can't wait..."


Turns out that Alissa didn't take the news the way I had hoped.

"Alissa, it's just a few months and then it's all over!"

"I don't care Zayn! You're going to get married to some random girl who isn't me! I'm not going to just sit around while you're with this someone else!"

"Come on, I'm not actually going to have a relationship with her... and it's just a few months..."

"Zayn... you can't ask me to do this."

"I am."

She looks like she's fighting the biggest battle of her life inside her head. I hate that I'm putting her through this all.

"If I stay, you can't do anything with her... it's just to help her not to actually marry her right?"

"Right. It's just to help her and then my mother will help with my student loans and we can start our life... it's just a few months."

She nodded.

"Okay, we'll see how this goes." She sighs.

Relieved that she understands, I smile to her softly.

"Oh thank you Alissa!" I hug her, yet she feels distant.

I know this hurts her and I hate that I'm doing this but I have to. Besides, what's a few months from a lifetime, right?

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