18. Isa

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— Two months until the wedding —(Isabelle's POV)

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Two months until the wedding
(Isabelle's POV)

Things have gotten progressively worse as time has gone on. Not between Zayn and I persay, but him and his girlfriend are constantly fighting and to be honest, I've struggled to get to know him. I find myself wondering if the wedding will ever happen. It's as if time moves so slowly yet in big leaps. Each day is long but the weeks are short.

It's been a month since I've come to London and Zayn is bringing me to his home today for me to move in with him and his mother until I can move elsewhere. I've fought it until now. His mother has been insisting for almost the entirety of the past month that I come to stay with them but I know this will only worsen his problems and probably put more strain on him. The problem is, living in this hotel isn't getting me any closer to him in terms of getting to know him. I've been living on my own since my mom had to go back home a week after getting here to go back to work. It's been difficult but with the wedding only two months away, I know I need to accept that changes will be happening whether I like them or not.

"Ready to go?" Zayn asks, grabbing one of my three bags as I've insisted I can carry the other two.

I nod.

"Alright then, let's go."

We head out to the car and pack my things in the back before heading off for his house.

"So... um... how are things with you and Alexa?"


"Right, sorry..." god you couldn't make this worse if you tried, Isabelle.

"Honestly... not well."

"I'm sorry... I know it's my fault."

"It's really not. Seriously, don't worry."

Also, he's been a lot kinder to me more recently. Whether it's because he feels bad or because he is warming up to me, I don't know... but it's nice.

"We should go somewhere tonight... like out again." I suggest, hoping that we can get to know each other more.

"Actually, I'm having Alissa over tonight. I meant to tell you once you got settled in but I guess I should just tell you now..."

"Oh, okay. That's good, she can see that I'm not a threat I guess." I chuckle, though I'm kind of shaking in my boots about it.

"She'll like you once she meets you. You're not half bad once you get to know you." He smirks as if that was kind of a sarcastic blow towards me.

"Well, you're not so bad when you're not tearing someone's head off for trying to be nice to you."

"Ha. Ha."

"But seriously, I hope she does... hopefully this will help."

"That would be the best case scenario." He sighs. "That or she'll hate you and break up with me tonight!" He jokes.

"You know what, yeah, that sounds more realistic."

"Listen," He laughs. "If shit goes down tonight, this deal is out the window!"

"What?! It's not my fault if I'm not her type!"

"Well, you better be or else —" he jokes while motions for me to get out.

"Well, that's weight on your conscience not mine."

"So be it!"

I laugh softly and shake my head while watching the buildings pass us.

"Don't worry, Isa. You'll be fine."


"Yeah, Isabelle is a mouthful."

"Seriously?" I cock my brow at him.

"Or, I could call you Bella."

"No no, I liked Isa. It sounds kind of posh."

"Well, maybe that doesn't suit you then." He jokes.

My jaw drops as I try to contain a laugh.

"Wow..." I gape.

"Wow is right."

I shake my head and release the laugh I had held back and space out thinking of tonight.

I just hope everything goes well. It would make our lives a lot easier.

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