21: The Truth

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(Isabelle's POV)

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(Isabelle's POV)

"She has to go! I can't... do this anymore! She's ruining everything!" I hear Zayn yell from the living room.

I lay in bed and try to seem as if I'm not even here.

"Alissa is the problem, Zayn! Maybe it wasn't Isabelle's place but she's right! You're just going to defend Alissa after the way she treated her?!"

"She treated Alissa worse!"

"She was doing what she saw was right... whether you can see that or not, she was defending you... not herself."

"Oh, right... that back there, she clearly had my best interest in mind!" He scoffs in disbelief.

"If she didn't care and she only cared about herself she wouldn't have said anything. She knows that saying that could very well mean her not getting to stay here." Mrs. Malik explains. "She cares about your well being Zayn! That's something you can't say about Alissa."

There's a silence before Zayn speaks again.

"Whatever..." He sighs before I hear heavy and hard footsteps head towards my room and then fade off to the right as he goes into his room and slams his door.

I just want to curl up into a ball and disappear. I feel like I'm a burden everywhere I go. I'm always so problematic... I'm trying to stop thinking I'm the problem all the time but maybe... maybe I am.

The Malik's have been nothing but kind to me and I've just come in and ruined everything. I should just keep my mouth shut and never say another word again.

Taking in a deep breath, I pull the covers completely over my head, as if that would cause me to fade from the room.

.  .  .

Though everything is dark, I can feel something nudging me. Something rubbing my arm. A hand perhaps?

I slowly peel my eyes open and wake to Zayn trying to wake me up. When I come to, I get up somewhat quick and pull the strands of my hair out of my mouth. Then, I wipe mouth and then my eyes trying not to look like a complete troll.

"I wasn't sure if you were alive. You had the covers pulled right over your head." He says deadpan as he stands in front of the bed.

"Um... yeah, I-uh, I don't know why..." I lie.

He's going to tell me to leave, I know it. I take a deep inhale and try to not cry on the spot.

"Okay... I was just checking on you... cause my Mum wanted me to... so, you're good and I'll go." he turns away, walking towards the door.

"—Zayn!" I peep.

He turns around with an quiet look of irritation and my heart drops again.

"I'm sorry... I really am... I didn't mean to, well... I just... I'm really sorry."

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