15. Bringing It Back

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{Present Day}(Isabelle's POV)

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{Present Day}
(Isabelle's POV)

I wake up laying practically on top of Zayn still on the couch. I wouldn't be surprised if I had drooled on the side of his head since I used it as a pillow.

Then, I remember him saying that he wished things would to go back to the way they were before we were married. It was upsetting seeing how we were both so unhappy together now, but I know that I am to blame for a lot of it. It's like yesterday when he put that date together with the ice skating and hot chocolates but I just cast that aside like it was nothing.

I'm going to change, I want to change, I need to change.

I love him, I do. I need to find whatever's been missing from this and fix it. Because truth is, I miss the beginning too. As hard as it was for both of us and as unhappy as I remember being, it was the beginning and that must mean we did something right.

So today, I'm going to make a date just for him. He deserves a nice day, one that doesn't consist of me complaining about anything. I need this one to be good, to show him that I really do appreciate what he does for me.

I know what I'll do. He wants it like the beginning, so I'll bring that back to him!

I'll need lights, blankets, books upon books upon books, a smaller table, two chairs and a lot of drinks, oh and a microphone and speaker.

I write it all down on a list and pack that away in my bag before grabbing my coat, ready to head out.

"Isa?" I hear Zayn's groggy morning voice call to me.

He's propped himself up a bit as he peers at me from the arm of the couch.

"Yea, Babe?"

"Where are you going?"

"Out for a bit."

"Wait... I'll come with you. I need to get some more coffee... I ran out."

"No no, I'll get it. You just stay here and rest."

He cocks his brow at me, confused as to why I'm being so generous today. Not that I wouldn't have picked up his coffee for him any other day, it's just I usually don't like going shopping on my own. Never really have. But today, I need him to stay here. So, I can plan his date night and keep it a surprise.

"What are you doing, Isa?" He smirks, seeing the guilty look on my face.

"I'm bringing the beginning back to you!" I say before rushing out the door, so he couldn't ask me any more questions.

I'm going to make this good. I need this to be amazing, for him.

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