16. Book Stores and Karaoke Bars

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{Two years ago, the second day}(Isabelle's POV)

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{Two years ago, the second day}
(Isabelle's POV)

"So, you don't read... like... at all?" I ask him, shocked by his confession.

We walk through the stacks of books at the bookstore just a few doors down from the hotel. I had spotted it on our way by.

"Not a hobby of mine, no. Used to like it but when I stopped I never went back."

"You should pick it up again. Trust me, reading will do wonders for your life." I rummage through the shelves picking through the books.

"Oh yes, books like 'Chained At Heart' will really teach me some valuable life lessons." He says pulling out a book and judging its cover.

"I'm sure it teaches you about love and heartache."

"Some men are supposed to be on top and some women like to wear the chai-" He says reading the back of the book.

"—Okay, I get it! So, that book is maybe more for entertainment but most books have something to say."

He laughs. "No, I know what you mean and I should..."

"...but you can't find the time?"

"Do those books teach you to not cut other people off?" He laughs.

"I'm sorry," I laugh back. "I just assumed that you wouldn't have time. Seems like you have quite a lot on your plate as is."

"Yeah, you could say so."

I walked back around the books and then stopped, pivoting on my heel to turn to him.

"You know what... why don't we do something fun tonight? My treat, and we can get your mind off of... whatever is going on."

"Okay..." he smiled. "... and what's your plan?"

"Hm... what do you do for fun?"

"Hm..." he looks around, rocking back on his heels with his hands folded behind his back. "Well... we can't do that... or that..." I can only imagine that he's alluding to something sexual.

I roll my eyes. "Seriously, what do you do — that we can do — for fun?"

"I like to go for drinks... that's about the extent of my hobbies today."

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