Update on sequel

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Hello everyone, I'm so sorry for being so inactive.

I'm going to give you guys the news up front and if you'd like an explanation, I'll put it after so those of you who just wanna know what's going on can know and those of you who want to know why can read further.

I am discontinuing the sequel for now.

Some of you may know that I am currently in university and because of this, I have less time to work on here. I've been releasing small stories here and there because that's all that I can manage right now and I've obviously felt the need to write.

It's exam time and I've had little free time to spend on here and I've realized something. Whenever I'm on here, if I'm writing, I'm writing other books that are unpublished but are a labour of love to me. This sequel has not been something I've really been able to get too far into.

This sequel was going to be a gift to those of you who loved this book. I never imagined it to become so big but here I am with a story that has nearly 15k reads which is just mind boggling to me.

But the truth of the matter is I was never going to make a sequel. In fact, this story was meant to be very different from what it was. I'm glad I did this book the way I did because everyone likes it but, for me to write a sequel I'm happy with, I need more time to think about it and work with it.

Best case scenario, I'll go back to it this summer.

My life has been changing at a rapid pace and things have been changing for me. Since getting to uni, I've started a relationship, gone through a break up of sorts, gone on a few dates and fallen for the wrong people. I feel like the best way to deal with this all is through my writing and that's what I've been doing. So, a lot of my stories have gone on the back burner for the purpose of me reevaluating my writing and being more honest with myself.

The Sometimes series is not somewhere where I can really use these feelings to write. Sometimes is a series that I began just for fun and I wrote during a simple time in my life. This is not that time in my life.

So, thank you so much for the continuous support and for reading and loving this book. It means the world to me and it breaks my heart to let you guys down. You all deserve a sequel, but it's not something I can give you right now. If I'm going to do a sequel, I wanna do it right.

Sometimes things change, but it will be okay in the end.

Thank you so much
All my love,

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