37. Wedding Bells

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(Isabelle's POV){ The wedding day }

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(Isabelle's POV)
{ The wedding day }

This is it, the day I become his wife.

It's not like the jitters have left my system but... I feel like this is what I need to do.

As I sit with my dress and veil on, I stare into the mirror at myself. I'd be happy — that's what I always thought I'd be when I put on my veil. In many ways, I am but, even more so, I'm terrified. I don't know why I thought I'd be so calm sitting here like this. Why would making one of the biggest decisions of my life be calming? This was never about marriage, this was about getting away. But now, it kind of is about marriage. Sure, Zayn and I don't know what could happen in the next few months let alone years, but we committed to this and... I care about him... I love him.

"Oh, Isabelle, you look absolutely beautiful." My mother gasps as she walks in the room to see me.

I give her a weak smile, trying to keep myself together as I think through everything once more.

"What's wrong, dear?" She asks as she pulls up a chair next to me.

"Nothing... nothing, I'm okay."

"I can see that you're not, Isabelle. You can't lie to me."

"I'm just... I expected things to be so different. I didn't think I'd be sitting here marrying a man who I just met a few months ago. I didn't think I'd be so unsure."

"I thought you and Zayn really liked each other? You two seemed to be so close last night."

"We do... I do. I love him, Mom. Everything's just moving so fast. I was so sure of Ethan too but..."

"Zayn isn't him, Isabelle. You know that."

I don't know if I can trust myself anymore. But I do know that I can trust him.

"I know. I know he's nothing like him. I just don't know if I'm sure of anything anymore."

"You don't have to be. You probably won't be sure of anything for the rest of your life — aside from who you love. I'm not sure of anything except for the fact that I love you, dear. I just want what's best for you."

"What should I do?" I look down to my hands, feeling helpless.

"I can't answer that for you, dear. But I know that Zayn is a good man, I know he'll be good to you."

"I think so too." I smile to her.

"Let's go then." She smiles, "He's waiting."

I follow her, my arm locked around hers as she walks me out. With every step I take, the nerves tighten even more, swallowing any air I breathe before my lungs can get to it.

We reach the back door and as the doors open, I take a final deep breath, knowing I'll see him down the aisle the second these doors open and my feet touch the grass.

When the door opens, I see him. His hands are locked in front of him as he stands up straight there at the end of the walkway of chairs. When he sees me, he smiles with the surest grin he's ever worn.
And suddenly, I knew it — this is what I was supposed to do. I love him and I need to marry him.

I smile back at him and finally let a breath in before stepping out onto the grass. Even though the chairs are filled with people I don't know — mostly Zayn's family and friends — I still feel at home. The closer I get to him, the faster my heart races but in the best way possible.

My mom lets my arm go as Zayn takes my hand to help me closer to the altar. His hand feels warm and comforting around mine. I look up to him with a smile and he returns it.

The vows, as important as they are, fall into the background as I look at him. His eyes softly lay on mine and I can see the love in them. He loves me, he really does.

"I do." He smiles.

"-And do you, Isabelle Williams take Zayn Malik to be your husband."

"I do." I smile.

I know he's pronouncing us husband and wife, but all I can hear is the crowd cheering as we lean in to kiss.

I love him — I really do.

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