it was 3:00 am and you were worried about justin he left out at 9:00 and didn't come back since you decided to go upstairs and lay down when you heard hey baby echoe the house you Walked downstairs

where the hell have you been ?

I've been out don't question me he stumbled my way

your drunk let's go I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the nearest room

dam baby we just met! he smirked

yea right you pervert  you spat you unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down and off Justin helped you saw a big bulge in his pants and just ignore it he grabbed you hand

don't fight the urge he said looking in your eyes pulling you closer

no your drunk and you need some sleep you pulled off his shirt and laid him down and he pulled the covers over him you walked away but he pulled you back

can I have a kiss y/n?

sure you bent over and kissed him and he went to sleep you ran upstairs and went to sleep your self

mhm Justin like thT mmmm shit your so big mhm

y/n......... y/n........Y/N WAKE UP!

huh wha.........

you were moaning my name saying I'm big he smiled

no I didn't!

yea huh if you wanted to have sex you could of just said so he smiled

no I'm not ready yet I looked away he grabbed my hand and rubbed his crotch he moaned he then sat on the bed pulled my covers and put his hands in my pants and started rubbing you

is that wat I was doing in you dream huh? he put two fingers in you and went in and out

t-t-that feels so good he smirked he went faster

i-i-im about to cum!

on let it out you let it out and he laid next to you

now that's phase one! I'll give you the rest when you get your breath back

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