y/n pov

ugh I hate walking out this late!

hey calm down you might bump into the sexy bomber Jason mcCann and you might get some of that good good

stop your so inappropriate no wonder my parents didn't approve us of being friends as children

yea I see know I have to call you back the news is on and it's about Jason McCann it says he is in this area!

OMG bye I have time run home I hate that guy I bumped into him once!

OK bye stay safe

bye !

you hung up the phone and walked faster your house was 6 blocks away

dam I wish I had a car! you said you heard a noise from behind you looked in the corner of your eyes you saw a tall man he was about 5'7 you were 5'0  you started turning corners and you got lost but he still was following you had the courage to say something

excuse m......you froze because it was jason McCann your ran but you didn't get no where he caught you and you couldn't move

let me go you squirmed around

shuh! he yelled

Who are you talking to you  kicked him in the balls and you  ran he was limping but how the hell dose he still manage to catch me   again you  said 

OK we are gonna do this one more he threw you  over his shoulder  you had a plan his pants was sagging so you had a good veiw of his penis you didn't want to do this but you had to be a freak you moved your hands down his chest to his stomach and stick your  hands in his pants and started rubbing him he started to moan

s-s-shit o-o-h that feel so good he moaned some more then you  felt a sticky warm liquid on your hands you licked it off so he can put you done because now he was horny but he just climbed in the Back  of the van

what is wrong with you Why would you do  That?

I want you so bad you said hopefully he would let you go he pushed you up against the van wall and started kissing you softly but harder when he got to your neck he sucked on your and you moaned and he smiled you felt it he licked in circles making you moan so much

he then moved down and unbuttoned your shirt and his eyes widen

woah your boobs are huge

he unhooked your bra and sucked your nipples and you moaned you took off  his shirt and he yanked down your pants and your underwear he laid you on the floor softly he had blankets and pillows like he did this before he started licking your private part and you moan holding his head down pulling his hair you hear him moan And that vibrated his tongue and you moaned so much he then pulled down his pants and underwear

are you a virgin?

yea you blushed

OK I'M going to go slow ok?

ok he shoved it in real slow it hurted bad you shrieked

are you ok?!


I should stop your not ready yet

no I'M ready Ive been waiting for 22 years I'M ready

OK he inserted you once again and went slow so it wouldn't hurt it felt bad at first then he started to go deep and stay there for a couple of seconds and then it got use to it and started to feel good

faster! you moaned he went faster

ah shit this feels so good mmmmmm he moaned and it was sexy

deeper go deeper he went even faster and deeper you wrapped your legs around his waist he room it out And started teasing you he rubbed it on your clit

beg for me

I want you so badly

I can't hear you


as you wish he inserted you and went harder,faster,and deeper

say my name he said

jason! he was about to hit your g spot

SAY MY NAME he moaned really loud

JASON!! you moaned louder them him then you felt a warm sticky liquid flow out of you

that felt so good he plopped hisself on the other side of you

y/n would you be by girlfriend ?

yes I would

you two kissed

thus one is dedicated to  @jasonMcCannsgurl16

( ̄ε(# ̄

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