is thus y/n?


this is your boyfriend jason McCann!


I'M on my way home now!

OMG I can't believe you are on your way home!

me ether

but uhm when you get here I have yo tell you something ok?

OK why can't you tell me now?

because your on the road and I don't want you to get to upset

OK I'll be home in 5

ok bye


you were 3 months pregnant jason was gone for one month you where pregnant for 2 months and didn't tell jason you were nervous then the door opened to a unhappy jason he looked worried he closes the door behind him and locked it

what's wrong?

sit down you moved back a little

why are you moving back?

you might hit me!

why would I hit you unless you cheated on me his eyes grew dark as he stood up

n-n-no i-i-im pregnant you looked at the floor

you didn't here jason say anything just silence fell in the room you looked in his eyes and they where getting lighter like full of joy


no please don't hurt me or the baby!

go now

you walked up stairs you knew he was gonna hurt you becuase he had thus punishment room you walked in the room and sat down on the bed you laid down and waited you heard jason coming up the stairs and in the room you looked at him and he looked at your stomach

come here!

you walked over to him and he grabbed you and he bent down and started talking to you're stomach

hey baby did you know your mother is gullible she thought I was gonna hurt her and you I wouldn't did that he kissed your stomach

I wasn't gonna hurt you baby! I wanted time alone to think about what this will do I just can't believe I'M a poppa! I can't believe it! he picked you up and spun you around

I love jason

I love you to y/n if it's a boy where calling him Justin

if it's a girl where naming her ALEXANDRIA!!!

you hear that where naming you he kissed your stomach over and over again

jason uhm I didn't get a kiss yet!

oh yea my baby #2 he kisses your lips for a long time and you felt the sparks as he pulled you closer to him he picked you up and brung you in you guys room and cuddled with you and your child

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