so in this story u got a best friend an  a friend your bestfriend  was Justin.and your friend was yovanna OK so here it goes


j:wat did u call me he said. raising an eyebrow

y:oops I mean butt breath

you started laughing and Justin blushes

j:Anyway I'M going to be staying here for a week your mom said I can

y:woah yayyy (you liked justin but he didn't know yet)my mom is leaving for two weeks thank God I'M an only child

j:Yup he starts chuckling

yov:hey y/n wyd

y:ummmh you can't just walk in my house like that

yov: Sorry Anyw........who is thus fine looking young fella right here

y:this is justin

j:Hi nice to meet you beautiful

yov: nice to meet you

j:do you wanna ummh grab a slice of pizza at the pizza shop. he said nervous

yov: sure she said shyly

y:but I thought we were gonna hang out justin?

j:we will later...... I love u  bro

y:bring me back a slice and love you to

you loved the facted that you to loved each other you've been friends since kindergarten an he used to protect you and he still dose 

.                       1 HOUR LATER

they walk in talking and you look up and smile but look that there holding hands and ur smile disappeared  and you said

y:hey J and anna

j:hey wyd down here I thought you were going to sleep you texted me that

y:I was until pll came on and Yea you get the point

j:oh well I got ur pizza love

y:yay thanks I'M gonna go upstairs bye see ya tomorrow Justin


he didn't finish his sentence  because as soon as you reached yout top step you heard lips smacking together

you fell asleep and woke to see Justin coming for the guest room and......... YOVANNA!



y:did u have sex in my house with her

yov: ye......


j:fine do  you have to yell

y:wtf were you thinking.

j:I wasn't thinking it just happened

y:you couldnt have it with her in a car

j:I'M Sorry please forgive .......I love you y/n  he said pouting


j:yayy thanks he says giving you a kiss on the cheek

y:do wanna hang out TODAY

j:Sure where you wanna go to the beach?

y:sure let's go

you got into your bathing suit and so. did Justin you got in the front seat and Justin drove to pick up yovanna And u guys went to the beach

y:so Justin wanna go in the water and scare pple

j:nah I just wanna chill

y:OK sure we'LL chill

yov: excuse me your in my spot

y:but there are other places like on the other side of Justin

yov: get of my seat y/n I'M not joking she said smiling at me

j:she was there before you


you walked off to another seat

you said let's go walking along the shore

j:that sounds fun so you Justin and YOVANNA started walking

y:Justin so how do you li.....

yov: so Justin what do wanna do tomorrow

then they started talking you called Justin's name but he ain't hear u so you walked off to the car it was a car with the roof down you jumped in and they came walking along

j:y/n ..

y:yes you said happy

j:can u sit in the back

you jumped in the back and looked at your phone put your headphones in and just listened to jason McCann (he was a Singer)and just let a tear slip down your cheek

when you got to yovannas house to drop her off Justin didn't even talk to you he just took you home you ran up the stairs went to sleep next day yovanna comes over

yov: hey justy

y:did I say you can come over my house

yov: Justin did so

y:Justin dose not live here so get out

j:were going out


j:I would bring you but...

yov: you'll ruin every thing she cut him off u stood up


y:listen if u want Justin idc you little bitch I think  Justin was gonna say I was gonna be a third wheel you filthy slut and don't you ever come to my house again and if you say never and show up again  I will beat you so bad that you'll repeat the words never say never

j:wait just a minute that is my girl and I will not let you talk to her like that

y:Justin YOU WOULD NEVER KNEW HER IF IT WASN'T FOR ME YOUR GONNA CHOOSE A PERSON THAT U JUST MET OVER YOU BESTFRIEND SINCE KINDERGARTEN YOU GET OUT TO AND GO STAY WITH HER UR SUCH A............. A...........dick (he hates it when someone calls him that) then you run  up stairs to cry

j:WAIT.....Y/N I'M SOR.......sorry

yov: u don't need her

j:here listen just leave me a lone OK u nasty slut you only used me to here to her bcuz your jelouse of wat we have OK leave now

yov: can you take me home

j:you.mean cab take me home

.          TO BE CONTINUED

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