"Hi I'm y/n! "I smiled warmly at the lady

"Ah. I know you'll be locker 466 your combination is 3,1,94"(see what I did therw? )I nodded "looks like another girl with her virginity lost "she mumbled i just walked off to my locker I walked over to my locker and opened it it was big and roomy I placed all my things in there and I look over to see a guy and a girl making out I scoffed and payed attention to my locker when all if a sudden girls started gasping "there he is " "OMG he looks so hot "I peeked to see what the commotion was about That's when I saw him 5'7 brow hair chiseled cheekbones plump lips and hazel eyes he had on a white v neck with skinny jeans on and black supras with  chains and a Rolex watch to top it off he looked at me and winked at me all the other girls scoffed he walked over to the locker next to mine but I was in his way

"Uhm excuse me your in of my locker "he chuckled I couldn't move nothing was working I couldn't talk my actions wouldn't work he sighed picked me up and placed me by my locker

"I'm sooo sorry I just i- "he cut me off

"It's fine baby girl "those words made next shiver!

He smiled a little the bell rung and everyone left the hallways except us his body towering over me making me blush

"We should get going t- "He cut me off by attaching his pink plump lips against mine I managed to catch up with him so he pushed me up against the lockers pinning me

"I want your body si bad "he huffed and puffed he lifted me up pushing his body up against my tiny one he moved down leaving sloppy kisses one my neck trying to find my sweet spot he finally found it I let out a moan

"you like that huh? "He smirked carried me into the shower room and stripped me down to my underwear and pushed up against my body and started grinding on me he started kissing my lips shoving his tongue in my mouth I moaned a little he left kisses down my body until he reached my area pulling my underwear down slowly he started rubbing me he placed one finger then twi then three he moved in fast making me even more wet ,wanting me to cum pulling out his fingers he licked them

"Hmm you taste sweet baby "I blushed he cought me off guard by shoving his down in my place warm and slimy making me pull his head closer gripping his hair and tugging lightly not ripping it out he licked up and down I moaned softly he went faster he placed his fingers in once again I felt my climax reaching

"I-i-im about t- "

"I know let it out come on cum for JUSTIN cum for daddy "he stopped and let me go I did "good girl keep it up and daddy will give you an award "he smirked I put on my clothes and we went to class

Sorry it's been a while I know but here it is hope you enjoyed it I will be ending kidnapped soon like in 6 more chapters yea so byee!