you were on the plan home mad and not wanting to speak to Justin then all of a sudden you got a call from Justin


j:I'M Sorry it's not wat it looks like

y:yes it is u cheated on me with that whore I never wanna see you again u yelled into THE phone and everybody was looking at u gave them a mad face and they looked away

you heard someone whisper on the other end

j:this is the worst bday

1:I lose my friends now I'M losing the only girl I love I hear him crying

y:I'M Sorry Justin but it's over you said with tears in your eyes u felt bad you hung up on each.other then you got a text that says

listen I'M Sorry I love you much I only kissed her cuz she threatened to put out rumors of us and of you so I did as she said I wanna let you know that your the smile on my face and I ain't going no where I love the most out of all the girls I love so so so much


you start to listen to your iPod and it was shuffle and  be alright came on you wanted to change it but you loved that song and you remembered how justin used to sing to you a smile appeared on your face you. have your own house but just stayed with justin you went back to his house and fell a sleep then woke packed your bags took one last look at the house and walked out you live in the same area as Justin you walked to your car and opened your phone to see Justin sent you another message

hey :P I have a surprise for you


what was his surprise you just drove back to your house and saw a car parked in your  driveway 

no one has keys to your house except Justin but he is on tour

u walked in my house and just sat there u heard a noise from upstairs and grabbed a frying pan (the only thing that I could think of) and walked up stairs and you went in your room and walked around and then arms wrapped around you so scream and turned around to see justin

y:w.....w...what are you doing here you said bout to cry

j:I wanted to show you how much I love I.was on stage and I was then my beliebers asked wats wrong so talked to my beliebers  and told them bout Selena they told me to go after you they want to see me happy and they love you

y:I'M Sorry I'M really Sorry you cried in his chest

j:it's OK

you both kissed then you hear Alfonzo, scooter, chaz, and poo bear

down stairs and you ran down there and justin followed behind you and started laughing they made a song up for

.   your the best person around and we hate to seen you frown That's y we are here to say thanks for forgiving your justy

you laugh at them and how they were dancing and you and Justin kisses and you to were more closer than ever

I kinda cried at. the plain part but

I manage to finish it. comment and I'll do request OK? bye.