you were bored so you decided to go play with jason


what?  he looked busy

I love you you ran away squealing


you popped your head out from behind the stairs

oh you frowned sorry to bother you you walked up stairs into you guys room and stood there in the middle of the room with t

fuck you heard him say

I just wanted to play with him he always working I never ment him to get mad you let a tear drop then you felt arms wrap around you

I'M sorry baby I just been under alot of pressure I'M supposed your finish that bomb tomorrow or alex would kill me he kissed your neck

I just really wanna spend time with you

I know I know put your shoes on we have some where to go

ok! you grabbed you coat and shoes and you two jumped in the car

so where we going?

you'll see now I want you to stay in the car at all times don't get out ok?

ok! I he got out and disappeared around the corner and ran back

lets go put your seat belt on

we drove off until we got home

ughh I'M so tired he laid down on the couch you where feeling a little horny you haven't had sex with him since he was making the bomb and that was for 2 weeks you ran upstairs and slipped into your blouse and matching panties then dimmed the lights down stairs and walked in

hey jason you said in a sexy tone

he looked up and his eyes widen you walked over to him and sat on his lap and started grinding on his man hood he moaned

I waiting 2 weeks for this you said grinding faster he then lifts you up and laid you on the couch and whispered in your ear

I'M gonna make you scream my name hi minty breath hitting you skin making you get gosebumps (like in that mint bar I forgot it wat it's called )

I need you so bad! he kissed your neck and you moaned you started to take off his shirt and he took off his pants then he unhooked  your bra and sucked you nipples you moaned he pulled down your panties and kissed you lips before moving down to your clit he he put in a finger and moved in and out then he added 1 more you moaned he smiled and went faster then he pulled down his boxers and entered you he started off slow then he went a little faster you grabbed him and pulled him closer he moaned

damn mmmmm shit your tight! he went deeper and harder and faster the couch was shaking you felt him reach your g spot and bout to reach your climax


me to baby!

he went in deep one more time and released himself in you

ahh that felt side good

oh I'M not done with you you smirked

huh?you grabbed his penis and stroked it up and down he moaned you licked the top and shoved it in your  mouth he grabbed you hair witch made a moan escape your mouth he bobbed your head up and down

shit.....I'M...gonna.....cum.... then he released in my mouth

I love you y/n so much!

I love you to!

he turned on the tv

breaking news the funeral home has been blown up JASON MCCANN has striked again

I love how they think they are gonna catch me it's just side funny! you cuddled naked and all and fell asleep

thus one is dedicated to my best friend !! @jasonMcCannsgurl16 here it is I hope you liked it and ( ̄ε(# ̄ here's the face I love so much!