JAS?!I'M HOME!you ran upstairs to see Jason laying down in his room sleep with the note in his hand and it said

I am sleep right now and when I wake up we're going to the fair so get dressed

ahh..... fuck y/n your so tight ahh fuck right there I'M gonna cum mhmmmmm he moaned you see his Boxers get wet you knowing jason probably having a sex dream

you ran into your room went into your closet  and grabbed now said that jason  love tight jeans that showed off your curves and put on   the belly shirt that stop right before your stomach  you took a shower and put on your clothes you walked you to your makeup area and saw a note

it isunnecessary to  put on  much makeup put on eyeliner blush and  lip gloss

you went to go wake  Jason but he was already up putting his  Clothes on

you ready

yeah you to run out to the car and put your seatbelt on and drove to the fair

I want you to stay closer to me because I donI want you to stay closer to me because I still don't trust  these people out here

okay because I'm yours and only yours you touch to chest

you just got on route to the ticket booth

hi yes two please jason smiled

here  you are enjoy the fair she winked at me I smiled


ok...ok...... Ok.... calm down......calm down we walked over he played the gamewe walked over he played the game he got me the bear and  he got me the bear

OMG OMG..... I'M gonna name him......  Jerry!!

that's a cute name baby

we played the rest the games and i wanted some cotton candy

hey I'm going to get some cotton candy okay?

ok here's the money

you walked off to get the cotton candy

I want cotton candy please

okay here you gokay here you go ....... excuse me is that your boyfriend  tall brown hair

yeah why?

look behind you

I turn  around to see Jason flirting with some girl

ok here's the money sir thank you

don't worry about it it's free on me!

thank you so much I give him a warm smile and he returned it

I walked over to Jason the girl

Hey Baby you hugged him  and kiss then   put your hand in his back pocket

hey baby he hugged you  back

I got the cotton candy you took a bite and then JASON took a bite you smirked at the  girl

who's the friend Jason?

oh this is my ex and she was telling me something

Oh can I hear

sure now what where you going to say?She looked at me and Jason and then just walked away


okay let's go I grabbed his hand and we went on

ahhhh isnt that a great view in the sunset   to he said  looking in your eyes

you sat on his lap and you to kissed he shoves his tongue  your mouth and you felt the bulge in pants you

two got off and

he pulled you to a place a part of the fair with nobody wasn't around pushed you up against the wall

I need your body right now I can't wait no longer kiss your neck in your Moaned we pulles down your pants and underwear he  entered you   he then thrusted in and out of you softly and then faster then harder then deeper

fuck  just like that you're so tight baby mhmm he moaned touch tugged on his hair and he moaned

go deep and stay there you said moaning he did as you said he was hitting your g spot you were about to cum he went deep and you two cummed but he didn't stop there he want on and on

ah shit why didn't you stop?

shuh were gonna get in trouble he went faster

but JASON I hit my climax you said moaning

shuh! he went even faster

please stop !but you didn't want him to he kept going faster every time you spoke he went so fast that you thought you were gonna pass out you felt pleasure all over your body you were about to reach your climax them JASON started pounding you hard you felt like you were gonna explode  you screamed out Jason's name as you squirted it all out of your body you were weak and  sweety so jason put your clothes on and picked you wrapped your legs around his waist and went to sleep