"I'll have you know that i do not like your Cookies  they are burnt and nasty"I scrunched up my nose making just put his hand over his heart

"You have hurt me here baby"he put his hand over his eyes and fell on the bed

"Haha real funny jay " I laid next to him getting on my phone I got a notification it was one of his cute beliebers it was a picture of justin at his Calvin Klein photoshoot and it was a girl touching him  I looked at the video that him and the GI were laying on each other that makes me sick I put my phone down and faced the wall justin was currently on his phone I cursed under my breath at the way he ran his hands up and down her body

"What's wrong baby girl "he said putting his phone Down

"Ask that slut you were feeling on" I spat causing him to gasp 

"What are you t-"he paused

"Oooh you mean Alexa?"I looked at him

"Yes her!"he gave me a look

"It was just a photoshoot calm down "

"No you never touch me like that! You come home too tired or your don't feel like ! "I yelled

"Keep your voice Down we have neighbors "

"No! "He glared at me

"Listen its not serious ok. Now. Stop yelling its not a big deal it's not like I fucked her ok?"I looked at him with big eyes 

"Ok I love you justin"I kissed his cheek

"I love you too Alexa "he covered His mouth

"Look y/n i-i didn't me-"I put my hand on his mouth

"It's fine you'll never say my name again " I got up and walked to the closet he grabbed my arm and pulled me on the bed getting on top of me

"Listen to me 105 is the number that comes to my head  when I think of all the years I wanna be with you wake up every morning with you in my bed  that's precisely what I do and you know one if theses days when I get my money right buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life we'll forever be in love so there ain't no need to rush but one day I won't be able to ask you loud enough I'll say will you marry me I swear that I mean it when I say will you marry me "he sang  to me pulling out a ring from his back pocket  I couldn't believe it after 3 years of this relationship he finally asked me

"Yes! Yes I will jay "I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him

"I love you "he whispered

"I love you too Jason"he gave me a glare

"Haha just kidding "he looked at me and laughed I got up and started to run

"Hey get back here!"he laughed

Sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been moving and been getting unpacked sorry guys