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My World. A Justin Bieber Romance. by Meganxooo
My World. A Justin Bieber ⋆ Megan ⋆
[A Justin Bieber Love Story] An audition to be a back-up dancer for Justin Bieber's 'My World' tour is where it all starts. The audition manages to change Charlotte Bro...
Salubrious (Jason McCann) by AlexisIsAWeirdo
Salubrious (Jason McCann)by Alexis
*Book Two of the Neurotic Series.* Salubrious [suh-loo-bree-uh s] : favorable to or promoting health; healthful, healthy. After three very long years, Jason McCann is fi...
Jason McCann Dirty Interracial Imagines by Royalty_Loves
Jason McCann Dirty Interracial BIEBER🔵 MCCANN🔴
I put my head flat-faced on the pillow because I can't keep my head up since the pleasure was so much, but only to be yank up by my hair which made me arch my back and y...
Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by ThatGirlNamedLexie
Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan ThatGirlNamedLexie
I am in an affair with Justin Bieber. If someone had told me a month ago that I would one day say those words & actually mean them, I would have insisted they were on cr...
Living with Justin Bieber by cwritesforfun
Living with Justin Bieberby cwritesforfun
Your mom tells you her best friend from high school and her family are visiting. The thing is are you expecting it to be Justin Bieber's family. No? You're not. Surprise...
Justin Bieber Imagines by KidrauhlFantasy
Justin Bieber Imaginesby anis
Your imaginations run wild here. Only if you love Justin Bieber ;) Some imagines are mine,and some aren't.I'm not claiming them as mine but I'm sharing them all in one b...
#Online•jdb by justinxbiebers
#Online•jdbby k e l l y
Unknown Number (3) Unknown Number is typing... Unknown Number Where are you? What happens when Charlotte Windsor gets a text from an Unknown Number and it turns out to b...
Justin Bieber Interracial Imagines by retrocanvas
Justin Bieber Interracial Imaginesby Retro
Interracial Imagines about Justin Bieber! Request welcomed!
Selena's Sister {A Justin Bieber Love Story} by purplecolormixx
Selena's Sister {A Justin Bieber Carolina S.
Kaitlin Marie Gomez, sister to Selena Marie Gomez, finds out that her own boyfriend is cheating on her. Cody, Kaitlin's boyfriend, has some other feelings for Selena...
Justin Bieber's best friend (1st book of series) *EDITING* by 123swaggy
Justin Bieber's best friend (1st Malikah
Mia Johnson is not your ordinary teenage girl. Her mom is a successful author and her dad's best friend with Scooter Braun. But, at a party made for the success of the M...
30 day boyfriend by rauhlercoasterr
30 day boyfriendby rauhlercoasterr
What would it be like to have justin be your boyfriend for 30 days?? Read and find out.
Justin Bieber Imagines by batmanwife13
Justin Bieber Imaginesby Karrington Jones
This book is original, and it was made for Beliebers of any race. This book is full of imagines starring the man that I have been a very proud Belieber of since Day 1. I...
Roller Coaster || J.B by xolatinax
Roller Coaster || J.Bby -
Skyler Cloud, a not-so-regular teenage girl, who lives in Stratford did what millions of screaming girls wish they could. She dated Justin Bieber. You would think it w...
My Teacher Mr. Bieber  by cncoXjb
My Teacher Mr. Bieber by Bebecita
Justin's dad is rich and owns a company. Recently just started teaching at a collage. Then there's Camila. A student who just started attending that collage. Who as wel...
I Want You(Jason McCann) by biebersbbygurl
I Want You(Jason McCann)by Anazia Nykai
"I always get what I want Hailey and right now I want you." I whispered into her ear. I could feel her shiver under my touch. Running my rough hands down her...
the best mistake » bieber by articbieber
the best mistake » bieberby - ̗̀ lauren ̖́-
the one where Justin gets a girl pregnant at a album release party and the girl keeps it from him for 3 years. but its not like they were/are friends right? they hooked...
Bad Liar  by windinhersails
Bad Liar by h🥀
He was bad.......or maybe she was just a bad liar. Justin Bieber returns back to his home country, Canada, for the holidays. But what happens when he bumps into his ex g...
Mr. McCann | jdb by doyoulani
Mr. McCann | jdbby Lenyiah ∞
"Mr. McCann would like to see you now" © 2015 Lenyiah ; doyoulank
justin bieber imagines (interracial) | EDITING by moonlightvibez
justin bieber imagines ( ♡
- COMPLETED - Imagines for us black Beliebers.