your name is ashely in this imagine and you and your 'alien' boyfriend are separated because he was cheating and he is a soft alien ,very sensitive

me and justin have been apart for a couple of weeks now i miss him.....he cheated on me with Madison my best friend he is an alien he is so innocent and cute he speaks like a 4 year old thats why I love him oh so much he doesn't know any better he cant think for him self hes always confused and it makes me laugh im gonna miss him my phone rung


"ashy justin sowwy,justin so so sowwy he didn't mean to hurt you"he was crying awe

"i know Justin, i know your sorry"he was sniffling

"you believe justin?"he sounded a little excited

"yea jay i believe you"he sounded excited

"jay miss you ashley"he said a little sad

"i Miss you too"

"mommy said my life w-would get c-c-c-com-"he was having a hard time saying complicated

"its ok baby take yoyr time"i smiled


"its ok jay im here  "

"justin time for bed"i heard his mom say

"MOMMY im ON THE PHONE WITH ASHY"he yelled back it sounded it like she brust through his door

"hi Ashley! would you like to come over tomorrow?"i thought for a while

"sure i would love to"i smiled big Justin tomorrow yes!

"ok can you bring justins picture book over to?"i said yes s