Justin pov

(Sexual content )

Justin's pov

Me and y/n are on the couch making out sweating and breathing hard I ripped off her shirt and pants naughty y/n she is not wearing underwear I smirked I started playing with her clit flicking my tongue teasing her she hates it  when I do that I giggled as she groaned because she was sexually frustrated

"Please jay Jay "

"Please what "

"Play with my fucking pussy! "I giggled and started playing with her she flipped me over and got on top of me and started riding like no tomorrow I threw my head back and she started wiggling and I grabbed her waist she started moving up and down. Hard making loud smack noises fill the house

"Ahh fuck y/n mhhmm I like that"I flipping her over and started fucking the shit out of her he walls tightened she let out a loud moan and released I did too I laid down on don't bothering taking my dick out of her

"Round 2?"she looked over at me and nodded

Here it is I'm happy to tell you...... I'm quiting thus account!

Jk I'm not I'm working in both accounts and yea That's all