I have a story called stolen from me plzz read it it's a Derek bieber story

y/n:  JUSTIN!!!!  come help me un.........

justin:*runs there in 4 secs *

y/n:dang I didn't finish

JUSTIN: sorry I heard say un so ...........

woah you look so sexy

(thus kinda turns into a mini story )

y/n pov

JUSTIN started kissing your neck and sucking it you moan telling Justin to stop but he doesn't stop so you keep moaning and justin moves to your lips and taps his tongue on your lip to open your mouth you did and he shoved his tongue In your mouth and them he picks you up and carry you to your bed he started stripping your clothes then you stopped him

justin I think we should get going your friends are  waiting down.stairs

(you guys are going out but you had to change dresses )

I need your body baby he said breathing heavy

then he pulled down you panties and started sucking your clit and putting two fingers in you u moaned loud and you felt something but enter you and That's when u moaned soooo loud heard someone knock on the door you and Justin said hold on and you to threw on your clothes  and open the door

wht was y'all doing I heard a noise  Alfonzo said

Nothing justin stepped on my toe

Oh OK y'all ready

Yup we said popping the p

this was kinda weird for me to make cuz I was Infront of my mom so she almost saw what I was writing follow me on twitter @QuanasiaT thxs. xD