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You walked home from the neighbors hour you couldn't wait to see and tell Justin about the good news reaching the house you open the door

You walk inside more like running to find Justin

"JUSTIN!!!WHERE YOU"you yelled excitedly you heard moaning upstairs you ran to see what it was

Walking up the stairs you reach you and Justin's room you slowly open the to see Justin jacking off and watch porn

"JUSTIN!"you said surprised he gasped once he saw you and locked his phone

"Y/N THIS ISN'T WHAT UTT LOOKS LIKE" you look at him bitting your lip  trying to hold  back your laughter but you failed and burst out laughing

Justin started to blush you snorted a couple of times before calming down he looked at you with his sparkling brown eyes his boxers so down low you cleared your thoart and pointed to his buddy he blushed pulling up his Calvin Klein underwear.

"As I was saying guess what?!?!"you squeaked.

hoped you enjoyed updated chapter 1 on my vampire story calllled 'thrist' no justin bieber just Jason McCann and demi lovato Chris Collins Crawford Collins etc. Go check it out