you are at the studio in the with Justin and he is singing she don't like the lights

y:*on the taking a picture of justin*

he posed you laughed

j:tag a nigga in that photo

you posted it on insatgram and tagged Justin an u got a whole! lot of likes then he started singing a song that wasn't off believe (he sung u all the songs).


             and I know that I can turn u on gasping for air until I need more.... and I don't know if ur on the shit I'm on

you laugh at him and he looks at you



j:ok imma sing again I'll be out in 3 minutes OK.


he started singing then rapping

                 my girl says I'm perfect she just loves an imperfect person perfectly personally I thinks she is perfectly perfect she wants to get up under me I'm a money tree me my little honey bee my little bunnu bee my little Bitty bunny bee

you were calling his name and he wasn't answering he was in the Booth and he wasn't singing so u see him  smile you decided to play his same game you acted like u were mad and u walked out and got in the car And blasted music

              body like tha summer touch her like no other don't you tell em wat we do

this gose out to all them classic iggy fans

                  first thing first I'm the realist drop this and let the whole world feel it and I'm still in the murda biziness I can hol......

you were interruped by Justin getting in a turning off the radio

y:heyyyy! why do THAT

j:cuz I wanted to it's my car and my keys he grabbed Them out ur hand

y:baldy u mumble

j:wat was that

you ignore him

j:hey baby do u wanna go out tomorrow


j:hello baby do u hear me


j:don't ignore me it makes sad when people ignore me

you hear him sniffle then you were worried bout him cuz he really was sad

y:OMG I'm so sorry Justin I didn't mean to make u upset you ignored me so I wanted to do it back

j:what?! I wasn't ignoring you

y:uh huh when u where in the Booth and you weren't singing and u smiled

j:oh!  I get it he chuckled

y:get wat

j:u can't hear someone from the inside they can hear you on the outside tho and I smiled because scooter texted an said I can take a two day break after he left the room

y:oh I didn't know could of told me you blushed

j:wanna eat ice cream while watching  and cuddle

y:yup that will be nice

j:you are so adorable

u came to a stop then u looked and you were home you walked in and rushed up stairs to change your clothes into pajamas.justin was wearing basketball shorts anyway so he just took off his shirt and went to the kitchen you walked in and did wat he dose to you you wrapped ur arms around his waist and Say

y: you Look sexy today

j:very funny now what kind do you want vanilla, chocolate,strawberry, or peanut butter cups chose two

y:vanilla and peanut butter cups (it taste really good together )

he scooped it up with a scooper  to big scoops per ice cream and handed it to me with a spoon

y:thanks baby them walks back to the couch and waits for Justin 

j:I'm going to get the movie from the room I'll be back hold my ice cream and don't! OK


j:he came back down with a funny movie

y:CLICK!!!!!I love that movie put it in

j:k.......OK......calm down.

he put the movie in and grabbed his ice cream

j:can I have some he opened his mouth

you picked up some and put it in his mouth

y:can I have some of yours you.opened your mouth and her did the same but then some fell on his abs you acted like it didn't happen then u gulped when he said shit

j:baby can you get me a piece of tissue Right on the table


you grabbed it and handed it to him then he started wiping his abs you gulped and finished ur ice cream and put you guys bowls in the sink and sat next to Justin and he pulled you on his lap and you wrapped ur arms around his neck and laid your head on his chest and you two fell asleep afterwords

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