"OH YEA HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL Y\N HUH YOU THINK I FEEL GOOD ?!"you and justin were currently arguing about how justin always is never home

"you leave me here all the time no one to talk to "you growled

"well then come with me next time!"you scoffed

"you think i wanna hang around your friends and you?"he nodded

"no jay i wanna hang out with you i wanna spend time together we never do anymore! "you laid my head on his chest and hugged his waist

"im busy im sorry we dont have a lot of time to spend together ever since the new album i know im sorrt baby give me time i promis we will spend time together "he lifted up your sagging head and kissed your lips

"ok jay "he smiled

"im doing this for my beliebers babe not to be rich for them "

"well can't they wait a little longer for your music"he laughed

"babe they will kick my ass i had them waiting for 1 year its already been a year of all that matters"yu scoffed

"who's more important me or them!"you grew frustrated he just stood there

"uhm ugh uhhh"u started boiling

"FINE IF YOU LIKE THEM BETTER WHY DONT YOU JUST BE THERE HUSBAND!!!!!!!"you screamed so loud u and justin have been married for a year  now you headed towards the door

"babe where are you going g-get back here "he jogged after me

"leave me alone justin"

"no "

"JUSTIN LEAVE ME ALONE ASSHOLE!"i covered my mouth i never cursed at Justin ever he lookd shocked

"fine go leave you walk out your never coming back and i dont care "i was flabbergasted he actually said leave i didn't want to


"LEAVE !"i flinched at his loud voice

"ok "i said softly i gave him a kiss on the lips and left walking to who knows were

sorry i haven't updated in a while but here it is i just needa say one thing......i love justin so much and i appreciate the things justin does for us i love him for that bye love ya